Today’s R4 Gold or R4I Gold card is with amazing function, it can finally support Nintendo 3ds games on your console via installing CFW firstly. But which is the correct R4 Gold card to buy? For letting you avoid to choose the wrong R4/R4i gold flashcard, we are writing this post.

Which R4 Gold/R4i gold are still working in 2017?

Official site Available to buy Compatibility and Function Price
R4i gold 3ds rts Yes Play NDS games and run Ntrboothax.

Work on all DSI&3DS firmware consoles.


R4i gold pro 2017 Yes Play NDS games.

Work on all DSI&3DS firmware consoles.

R4i gold eu 3ds Yes Play NDS games.

Work on all DSI&3DS firmware consoles.

R4i gold 3ds deluxe Yes Play 3DS games and support NTRboothax too.

Work on 3DS V4.1 to V4.5 firmware consoles.


Which is the best R4 Gold to buy for playing Nintendo 3ds games?

r4i gold 3ds ntrboothax

After seeing the above chart, you can find that only 1 R4I GOLD card can support 3DS Games. However, this card is only working on the very lower 3ds firmware consoles to play free games. So apparently, it is not our best R4I Gold choice for hacking 3ds roms. Then which is the right card to choose? The answer is the R4i gold 3ds rts, though it is only playing NDS games, it is also compatible with the NTRboothax, which is very popular and easy to use for installing Boot9strap and CFW to your 3DS family system-handheld. Then with CFW running on your 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS XL device, you can play every 3DS Game with CIA format. That’s to say, you can play both eshop 3ds games and retail cart 3ds roms with a very cheap R4I GOLD 3DS card($20.5).

Does R4i gold 3ds support 3DS V11.6 and will it support V11.7 with NTRboot?

Yes, not only the R4i gold 3ds itself can work on 3DS V11.6.0-39 to play NDS games, it also works with NTRboot method for getting B9S/3DS CFW on this latest 3ds system version machine. The 3ds v11.6 is not bringing a new hardware, just a regular and small update. So don’t worry, you still can use the R4 Gold card to play NDS games or play CIA 3ds games. As for its compatibility to the next V11.7 FW, I have to say, both NTRboot exploit and R4i gold 3ds are not that easy be patched by Nintendo, unless the company releases a major update while its main focus is on Nintendo Switch in these days. All in all,  the conclusion is, even on the future 3DS V11.7, the R4 gold 3ds should work and so does the NTRboot.

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