One card cheaper than 15$ can let you play 5500+ NDS roms on Nintendo new 2ds xl console. What are they? They are Ace3ds plus and R4i gold pro, one is $9.9 to work on 2ds xl to play free nds games, the other is $14.9 to hack new 2ds to play both free games and multi-media files. In this post, you can know more about the 2 cheap r4 flashcarts for new 2ds.

Ace3ds plus and New 2ds xl

Being sold at $9.9, Ace3ds plus is the R4 card with the lowest price to play Free Thousands of DS Games and emulate the FC、SFC、ATARI、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO、PC-Engine on both old 3DS/NEW 3DS and old 2DS/NEW 2DS machines. If you are the one without higher need for the R4 flashcard, the Ace3ds plus is a good choice, it is cheap to buy and supporting the basic functions of R4, such as playing most of DS Games, compatible with ds homebrews, supports some old game emulators, also AR cheats and Multi-media features are included.

But if you want to get a long-time to use and an updated R4 card, Ace3ds plus isn't the option. Firstly, it with old version wood kernel v1.62, released in 2013 and hadn't been updated for years. Secondly, it is the one-time to use flash card, means that Ace3ds plus can't be updated if one day Nintendo blocks it via release new 3ds firmware version. Based on them, for most of 2ds xl users, I don't recommend you this card. Though it is indeed cheap, other R4 cards for example R4I GOLD PRO which is priced at $15, not expensive to buy too and supports regular updated R4 kernel and better compatibility for future 3ds firmware.

R4i gold pro and New 2ds xl releases the latest version R4 again for the upcoming year 2017. Now they have the 2017 R4i gold pro, 2017 R4i dual core and 2017 R4isdhc rts lite. From what we know now, it can be infered that 2017 R4i gold pro supports on 2ds xl V11.4.0-37U/E/J, plays DS games as always and runs homebrews&multi-media files. R4i gold pro 2017 is a good replacement if you buy to a cheaper R4 card than the R4i gold 3ds or R4i sdhc 3ds rts.

That's right, R4i gold pro is a cheap 3ds hacking card indeed. Buy it with 15 dollars's price, you can play Thousands of DS Games, All Region DS Roms, GBA/SNES/NES titles. They are all supported by a single R4i gold pro 2017 flashcard. It supports micro sd/sdhc so with the memory space to save downloaded game roms and other files. You guys not only can put DS/GBA/SNES/NES games into the sd card for R4i gold pro but ds homebrews, various emulators and multimeida files are compatible with it too. In a word, R4i gold pro is a magic flashcart for your 3ds system handhelds to support unlimited things! 

Ace3ds plus VS R4i gold pro, which is better to choose for New 2ds?

Like I said before, R4i gold pro is more recommended for you who has the new 2ds xl console. Because the Ace3ds plus can't work any longer once the firmware of new 2ds block the flash cart. So in order to buy a cheap and long using time R4 new 2ds xl card, you would better choose R4i gold pro 2017 or future r4i gold pro 2018.

Where to buy the R4i gold pro in USA and EU for new 2ds? You can choose our site, we ship from both USA and Europe, support paypal and credit card payment, offer customers the free promo code and game download code. So you won't regret for choosing us to buy R4i gold pro or other flashcarts for 2ds xl machine.

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