What’s SKY3DS+ ( PLUS) ? compare to sky3ds Which is better ?

There are many ways of running backups of your favourite games on your N3DS/3DS – some users choose to invest in the famous Gateway 3DS flashcart, others run full-blown custom firmwares. Unfortunately, both of these methods require the system to run an exploitable (9.2.X-X or lower) version of firmware, and finding a system like that can be quite a chore, not to mention a substantial expense. Not only that, in order to stay on said exploitable firmware users have to jump through hoops – avoiding constant update nags is just one of the many problems one has to deal with. Running EmuNAND (emulated NAND) is a good solution here, but Nintendo diligently fights against this practice with each new firmware update, forcing developers to come up with work-arounds for their pesky patches. Want to play an exciting, brand-new title or access the eShop? Well, you can’t, because Nintendo’s just rolled out a new update, and it’s not working on EmuNAND yet. But it will. Soon. Annoying. As far as custom firmware is concerned, at present it’s neither very robust nor fully compatible with all backups – huge strides were made since the very first CFW graced our Nintendo handhelds, but it’s just “not quite there” yet, no matter how you look at it. All in all, in a lot of cases running backups can be more trouble than it’s worth, especially for users who aren’t well-versed in the subject… now, if only there was a Plug & Play method that was built for one thing and one thing only – running ROMs… So, 

Enter Team Sky3DS and their unorthodox flashcarts which, instead of relying on exploits like the Gateway 3DS or CFW, closely emulate an original Nintendo N3DS/3DS cartridge. Firmware-independent, simple to use, fully compatible – it was a dream-come-true for many users. Sure, the cartridges weren’t perfect (the Red Button had a 10 games limit until a workaround was devised, allowing for 31 games at a time. The Blue Button had a 31 games at a time limit until the SD structure was divided into sections, allowing for storing 95 games at a time), but they both had an incredible advantage – they were completely firmware-independent, which meant that they could run on latest firmware available, no fuss. Unfortunately, Nintendo found a way to prevent their latest games from running on the Sky3DS via an AP patch to their latest games… what to do, what to do… Fear not! Team Sky3DS has a new product for you guys, a brand-new Sky3DS revision! A flashcart to end all flashcarts, the Sky3DS+!

Even on first glance this new revision of the Sky3DS flashcart is different to its predecessors. There are four major changes to the design. The first improves comfort of use. Previous revisions had a single game-changing button, making game-browsing a rather lengthy process if you had a large amount of games on your SD card. This button was replaced with a pair of Forwards/Backwards buttons, allowing you to switch games in both directions. This change, alongside a more optimized firmware which decreased game-switching time (to approx. 3 seconds, as tested on a Class 8 SD card), allows users to find the games they are looking for much faster than previously.

The second change is the inclusion of a Micro USB connector on the side of the unit. This allows the flashcart to work as a portable SD card reader – all you have to do to transfer or modify your SD’s contents is connect the cart to your PC via the Micro USB cable provided with the unit. This connector was added specifically to allow users to easily update the on-board firmware, which in turn would allow for circumvention of any future AP checks Nintendo might implement. Keep in mind that the transfer rate of the connector is rather slow – during testing it peaked at 355kb/s – it was not designed to transfer large files such as ROMs, so using an external SD card reader is recommended for anything other than quick settings modifications or firmware installation.

The third change involves the filesystem used. The previous Sky3DS flashcarts used RAW data, requiring the user to use their DiskWriter utility and templates to write games onto their SD cards. The Sky3DS+ no longer requires the use of DiskWriter, as the filesystem was switched to standard FAT32. This means that in most cases all you’ll have to do to put your ROMs onto the SD card is just drag & drop – it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Remember all the game limits imposed by the Sky3DS Red and Blue? Gone without a trace – pack that SD to the brim because Sky3DS+ can handle it. The few games that have filesizes larger than 4GB (maximum filesize supported by FAT32) can be very easily trimmed, so it’s not a huge obstacle to overcome.

The fourth change is possibly the most ground-breaking – the Sky3DS+ now uses a rewritable firmware chip. This means that in the event of Nintendo introducing any more Anti-Piracy measures in their games, Team Sky3DS will be able to roll out an update circumventing them. Sweet! So far, so good!


As expected, using the Sky3DS+ is incredibly simple and comes down to dragging and dropping whatever you need onto your SD card. Before we start playing around with ROMs though, we’ll make sure that our cartridge is properly set up, starting with preparing the SD for optimal operation. To do so, we’ll be using the popular SD Formatter 4.0 which can be downloaded by following the link in the Useful Downloads section.

Begin by putting your SD card into an SD card reader. If you’re in a pinch, you can use the Micro USB connector on the cartridge itself and the supplied Micro USB cable, however due to low transfer rates doing so is not recommended. Once your SD is detected, start SD Formatter 4.0, click on Options, set Format Type to Full (OverWrite), enable Format Size Adjustment, apply the new settings and click Format. This will Zero-Fill the entirety of the SD card and adjust its declared size to the actual space available, doing so will ensure that the card will operate at peak efficiency. I don’t think I need to remind anyone that formatting the card will erase all data stored on it, so if there’s anything on the SD card, back it up.

SD Formatter tends to give faster and better results than the standard formatting tool built into Windows, and it comes recommended by the SD Association, so I prefer to use it over anything else. If for whatever reason SD Formatter doesn’t work well for you, using any other formatting tool that will allow you to format your SD to FAT32 is also acceptable.

Once the SD card is correctly formatted, we can proceed to update the Sky3DS+ firmware to the latest revision. The first batch of Sky3DS+ carts rolled out to the market will be flashed with Firmware V4 – right now, the latest version is V10, so we might as well update it before we start using the flashcart. Slide your freshly-formatted SD card into your Sky3DS+ and connect it to your PC with the provided Micro USB cable. At this point, Windows should install a new driver – Wario Mass Storage (Ha! Pun intended?). Once the driver is installed, you’re ready to update your firmware. To do so, place the “firmware.bin” file from Sky3DS’ website onto the root of your FAT32-formatted SD card. Once the file is in the root directory of your SD card, disconnect and re-connect it to your PC’s USB slot to supply it with power.

The Sky3DS+ LED should start flashing red – this means that the EEPROM is currently being written into. Do not disconnect the cartridge while this LED is lit – it may cause damage to your cartridge. Once the light is off, the firmware update is complete – you can now remove the “firmware.bin” file and put the latest “gamelist.bin” file available on Team Sky’s website onto the root of the SD card. The “gamelist.bin” file is the equivalent of old Sky3DS’ templates, it contains all the information necessary to boot your backups. Once this file is copied over, basic setup is complete – you can now fill your Sky3DS+ up with ROMs and enjoy them to your heart’s content!

When properly set up, the root of your SD card should look like the one in the screenshot above.

Advanced Setup: A Quick Look at the Settings and Config Files

Upon the first boot, the Sky3DS+ will create a “settings.txt” file with its default settings. This file can be edited at will in order to squeeze more out of your flashcart. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at all the advanced features this flashcart has to offer.

At present, the “settings.txt” file is composed of 6 lines:

  • FIRMWARE_VERSION=X – this line informs the user which version of “firmware.bin” is currently flashed to the flashcart’s chip
  • CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=X – this line is used to create game-specific config files, set this option to 0 for default settings and 1 for custom config files. Config files supersede “gamelist.bin” and allow users to input their own Private ID’s which are necessary for safe Online play. Config files will be covered in detal in the next section.
  • HIGH_SPEED_ENABLED=X – this line is most likely used to toggle the transfer rate.
  • ACTIVITY_LED_COLOR=RGB – this line is set to select the colour of the activity LED. This allows you to personalize your cartridge’s notifications to your liking or disable them altogether. The syntax here is simple – XXYYZZ, XX for Red, YY for Green and ZZ for Blue, 00 for Disabled, FF for Enabled. You can mix and match colours, too! For instance, FF00FF will make the LED shine Pink, FFFFFF will make it shine White or FFFF00 will make it shine Orange.
  • EEPROM_LED_COLOR=RGB – see above, but for EEPROM R/W.
  • SD_LED_COLOR=RGB – see above, but for SD access.

Once the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS option is Enabled (1), the Sky3DS+ will start creating “GameName.cfg” files for each individual game, allowing you to modify its settings.

At present, the config files are composed as follows:

  • CART_ID – this value represents the cartridge ID of the ROM.
  • ENC_TYPE – this value represents the encryption type used for the binary.
  • ENC_SEED – this value represents the previously “Unknown ID” which turns out to be the encryption seed used. The config file gives a hint as to how users should go about obtaining this value, should they wish to boot software not available in the latest “gamelist.bin”.
  • FLASH_ID – this value represents the Flash ID of the ROM.
  • GAMESAVE_KEY – this value represents the cartridge-specific unique key used for save file encryption and online play. If a save file for the game is already present, this value is overridden by the Sky3DS+.

Useful Downloads

While using the Sky3DS+ is pretty self-explanatory, Power Users who wish to squeeze the most out of their cartridge by trimming ROMs, using Private ID’s or running Out-of-Region ROMs will have to download additional software. Here’s a list of things you might want to consider downloading:

  • 3DS ROM Tool – This PC utility will allow you to Trim your .3ds files, allowing you to squeeze more games onto your SD cards as well as play games which surpass the 4GB filesize limit of the FAT32 system. It’s a command line tool, so if you’re more of a GUI person, check out the link below instead.
  • 3DSExplorer – This PC utility is a robust 3DS ROM explorer, it will allow you to read lots of relevant ROM data as well as Trim and Untrim your ROMs.
  • NINJHAX 2.5 This 3DS utility by @smealum is your gateway to the wonderful world of 3DS homebrew, Region-Free gaming, performance modifications and more! This Beta build is compatible with the latest (10.3.0-X) firmware, too!
  • SD Formatter 4.0 – This PC utility is the ultimate SD cleaner. For best possible performance, stick your SD cart into your reader and give this bad boy a spin – you won’t regret it!

Compatibility Table

By default, the Sky3DS+ only boots ROMs from the native region of the 3DS system in use, much like the previous two Sky3DS cartridges. This is due to the fact that the flashcart operates as a cartridge emulator and has no means of circumventing the region lock. Fortunately, the Sky3DS+ is compatible with NINJHAX and other similar homebrew solutions, allowing users to boot Out-of-Region ROMs with relative ease. Below you will find a list of games tested during the writing of this review. Games were tested on an Old 3DS running 10.3.0-28E firmware and NINJHAX 2.5.

In-Region ROMs Tested:

  • Devil Survivor: Overclocked (EUR) – PASS
  • Cubic Ninja (EUR) – PASS
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 (EUR) – PASS
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (EUR) PASS
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf (EUR) PASS
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (EUR) PASS
  • Dead or Alive: Dimensions (EUR)PASS
  • Castlevania: Mirror of Fate (EUR) PASS
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (EUR) – PASS
  • Tales of the Abyss (EUR) – PASS
  • Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D (EUR) – PASS,
  • Pokemon Art Academy (EUR) – PASS
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star (EUR) – PASS
  • Mario Party: Island Tour (EUR) – PASS
  • Mario Kart 7 (EUR) – PASS
  • Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns (EUR) – PASS
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (EUR) – PASS
  • Super Mario Land 3D (EUR) – PASS
  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (EUR) – PASS
  • Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (EUR) PASS
  • Rhythm Thief: The Emperor’s Treasure (EUR) – PASS
  • Super Pokemon Rumble (EUR) – PASS
  • Resident Evil: Revelations (EUR) – PASS
  • Bravely Default (EUR) – PASS
  • Monster Hunter 4 (EUR) – PASS
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby (EUR) – PASS
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – PASS
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited (EUR) – PASS
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D – Snake Eater (EUR) – PASS

Out-of-Region ROMs can only be played on the Sky3DS+ via NINJHAX and its built-in Region-Free Launcher, RegionTHREE/FOUR and other compatible Regionlock-disabling solutions. Bear in mind that the Launcher is not 100% compatible, so some Out-of-Region games may fail to boot, freeze or hang on Error/Warning screens.

Out-of-Region Games Tested:

  • Project X Zone 2: Brave New World (JAP) – PASS
  • Mario & Luigi RPG – Paper Mario MIX (JAP) – FAIL (Hangs on an Error screen after creating/loading a save file, possible NINJHAX Region-Free Loader issue)
  • Monster Hunter X (JAP)  PASS
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV (USA) – PASS
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (USA) PASS
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (USA) – PASS
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (USA) – PASS


Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and there’s a lot of truth to that statement. It’s hard not to like the Sky3DS+ – it does everything it was designed to do and it does so great. It’s a massive improvement over the previous Sky3DS designs and, honestly, considering the fact that it’s firmware-independent, it’s just about the perfect flashcart for users who are not interested in overly complicated setups and want a flashcart that “just works”. Its only drawbacks are the slow transfer rate of the micro USB connector, which isn’t a big deal considering the fact that it wasn’t designed for high speed in the first place, and the lack of native Homebrew support or Region-Free launching which, as seen above, can be easily mitigated with NINJHAX. If you were ever interested in getting a Sky3DS cartridge, this is the time to get one – it doesn’t get much better than this.


Sky3ds+ VS R4i gold 3ds, which is better to buy for 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3 and 10.4?

Sky3ds+ which supports 3DS Games, R4i gold 3ds which runs DS Roms, which is better to buy for 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3 and 10.4 firmware? If you can't choose which to buy, i will share you my opinion here.

Sky3ds+ Plus for 10.3 or 10.4 3DS/NEW 3DS

Orange button New Sky3ds version card, the sky3ds+ is the third generation 3ds flashcard in the whole market. It has firmware, updatable gamelist file, all 3ds system version compatibility, and the most importantly, it is supporting NEW 3DS Games with AP check directly! Sky3ds plus will be get into the market formally in this weekend, people who want to have a try on the card, pre-order from 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM, you can get it in the first time. Compared with the former version, blue sky3ds, sky3ds plus includes many new features. It is having 2 buttons is orange color, supports users change games for th and back freely, while the blue sky3ds only let you go to the next game always. It is running 3ds games with firmware not diskwriter, no diskwriter tool in need any more, users can just download sky3ds+ firmware, gamelist file and 3ds roms to the micro sd card, drag&play, more easier to use. It is supporting homebrews, this means users can download softwares, emulators or games from the third party to run by sky3ds+ card. Unlike blue sky3ds need to work with Homebrew launcher. In a word, sky3ds+ plus card currently is the best and easiest 3ds card to buy for playing New or Old 3DS Games.

R4i Gold 3DS for 10.3 or 10.4 3DS/NEW 3DS

It is R4 Wood card for NDS games, released by r4ids.com. This card is known as its wood kernel which has a quicker updating can always past the Nintendo 2ds update, 100% ds game compatibility can support all the ds games, afforable and reasonable price. What' more, r4i gold 3ds supports popular homebrew softwares and games. With Moonshell, this r4 gold card also let users play various audio formats, view various image formats and  play DPG videos.

R4i gold 3ds Features

  • Support 5500+ ds games on 2DS console.
  • Support nearly all ds games, including the old nintendo game NES, SNES and GBA.
  • Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G) to download more game roms onto micro sd card.
  • Support Moonshell to play multimedia files.
  • Support added features like Real Time Save and Action Replay cheat to made game play more easily and gamer friendly.
  • Support popular homebrews and other applications.


Comparison SKY3DS+ R4I GOLD 3DS
Game Type 3DS Game NDS Game
3DS Compatibility 3DS 10.3 to lower versions. 3DS 10.3 to lower versions.
Price $98 $18
Other features
  • Homebrews: Support.
  • Region Free: No.
  • Firmware: Support.
  • Real time save: No.
  • User cheats:No.
  • Multimedia Function: No.
  • Use:Drag and Play.
  • Homebrews: Yes.
  • Region Free:Yes.
  • Firmware:Support.
  • Real time save: Yes.
  • User cheats:Yes.
  • Multimedia Function:Yes.
  • Use:Drag and Play.
Review The most expensive 3ds card to play All 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3 Firmware. The most famous R4 card to play All DS Games and Do any other things except for 3ds games on 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3 Firmware.

Which is better to buy?

  • If you need a flashcard to play free games, enjoy multi-media files and real-time save and cheats on 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3, then buy the R4I GOLD 3DS card
  • If you need a flashcard to play ALL new and old 3ds games, then choose SKY3DS+.

R4I GOLD 3DS 10.3, is the R4I GOLD 3DS card blocked by 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3.0-28?

Don't worry, if you are R4I GOLD 3DS card users, the R4I GOLD items R4I GOLD 3DS WODD, R4I GOLD PRO 2015, R4I GOLD EU 3DS all supports 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3.0-28 directly. If you buy the latest R4I Gold card from 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM, they will work on 3DS 10.3 firmware to run DS Roms freely!

R4I Gold not blocked by 3DS 10.3.0-28


  Official team Kernel Price Compatibility Functions Features Review
R4I GOLD PRO www.r4isdhc.cn v3.6 $14.9

3DS V10.3.0-28  and DSI V1.45

Support Free DS Games, up to 5500. Support region free, homebrews, emulators,moonshell, real time save and so on. The latest r4i gold card in 2015, it with newly updated kernel v3.6. Support more ds games and better RTS.


  Official team Kernel Price Compatibility Functions Features Review
R4I GOLD 3DS www.r4ids.cn v1.64 wood $17.9

3DS V10.3.0-28  and DSI V1.45

Support Free DS Games, up to 5000. Support region free, homebrews, emulators,moonshell, real time save and so on. The first r4 card supports 3ds console, but the card with a very old wood kernel(released for years), don't recommend it!


R4 3DS

  Official team Kernel Price Compatibility Functions Features Review
R4I GOLD EU www.r4i-gold.eu v1.71 $16

3DS V10.3.0-28  and DSI V1.45

Support Free DS Games, up to 5000. Support region free, homebrews, emulators,moonshell, real time save and so on. The card is targed to the european market. The 1.72 kernel was released some months ago.

Any R4I Gold supports 3DS Games on 3DS 10.3.0-28?

R4I Gold cards are R4 DS Game supported flash cards. So they can't run any 3ds games. Whatever your 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS firmware version is, R4i gold 3ds cards can support DS Games, not 3DS Games. Don't know which flashcart to buy for playing 3ds game on 3DS 10.3? You correct choice is Sky3ds. This one is the Only 3ds flashcart which runs multi-3ds roms on 3ds v1.0 to v10.3.

R4I GOLD supports GBA/SNES games on 3DS 10.3.0-28?

The three R4I gold 3DS cards are compatible with homebrews and emulators, so if you can find good GBA/SNES emulator for R4 card online, it's ok that play GBA, SNES and NES games with R4I GOLD cards. But in fact, there is not a very perfect GBA/SNES emulators, so i don't recommend you play the 2 type games via R4I GOLD card. The better idea is searching GBA/SNES emulator for PC. Or if you have a  DS console,you can buy EZ flashcart to play GBA games.

3DS 10.2 R4 noob question-R4i gold 3ds need to be updated for supporting 3ds 10.2.0-28?

3DS 10.2 firmware is live. Does R4i gold 3ds support as before or is there a must to update R4i gold 3ds for 3ds v10.2.0-28? If you don't know how to do,read the post here.

R4i gold 3ds support 3ds 10.2?

R4 3DS

Yes, the card from www.r4ids.cn is working well on 3ds 10.2.0-28U/J/E to support free downloaded ds game roms. Just download v1.64 wood kernel and clean ds roms online, you can get the r4i gold 3ds card to work on 3ds latest firmware version 10.2.0. Buy r4i gold 3ds from REV3DS.COM, you can get the newest version so there is no need for you to do updating. R4i gold 3ds with v1.64 firmware supports 3ds 10.2 itself without updating anything. The card costs nealy 18 dollars can let you havd all the following functions on 3ds 10.2.0-28.

  • Work perfecrly on 2DS/3DS 10.2.0-28 9.9.0-26 9.5.0-23,9.5.0-22,9.2.0-22 and DSi V1.45 and all the lower version of 3DS
  • Support newest WOOD R4 firmware perfectly
  • Works with MicroSD and MicroSDHC card.
  • Auto detect the game save data size.
  • Built-in DLDI Auto-Patching, auto patch homebrew.
  • Support Wifi game, Download play
  • Different UI for choosing
  • Support soft reset
  • Moonshell and homebrew are supported
  • Built-in multi-language 
  • Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
  • Supports Action Replay cheat(A very helpful function for new users)
  • 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
  • Flush fitting slot 1 card
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game(This means you can buy any micro sd) 
  • Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  • Built in NoPass
  • Automatically detect save type( you can put the game rom in anywhere)

R4i gold 3ds support 3ds games?


No, R4i gold 3ds card is made to support ds games, the 3ds name added due to the 3ds firmware compatibility not 3ds game supporting. So don't and never put 3ds game roms into r4i gold 3ds card. The card can't read and recognize at all! If you want to play 3ds games on 3ds 10.2.0, this card is the only option-SKY3DS.

R4i gold 3ds support new 3ds?

Yes, new 3ds and new 3ds xl(ll)  console uses 3ds firmware too. So r4i gold card which supports 3ds/3ds xl hand-held can work on Nintendo new 3ds and new 3ds xl game device. The card supports free ds games on new 3ds system handheld, a cheap choice for hacking your new 3ds to play nearly all ds games. With one r4i gold 3ds card, you have no need to buy the old ds game cards any more and don't waste time to change game cards one by one to play. All in all, for nintendo ds game fans, buy an r4i gold 3ds card is the wise decision. 17 dollar's price for Thousands of free games, homebrews, multi-media functions and real-time save&cheats features can't satisfy you?

R4i gold vs 3ds 10.1 free hacks, which to choose for New Nintendo 3ds 10.1?

The ds game hacking card R4I GOLD 3DS or 3ds 10.1 free hacks, which is a better option for New Nintendo 3ds console with 10.1 firmware? I will tell you guys here.



Get into the action with the R4i Gold 3DS Gold card for your NEW Nintendo 3DS console.  Bringing you the entire world of homebrew games and apps – all available as free downloads on line. The R4i Gold 3DS was one of the first cards on the market that works on the new Nintendo 3DS in DS mode.  Allowing you to take your 3DS to a whole new level of multimedia playback.  Here's your chance to really join the homebrew revolution and have access to thousands of games and applications created by developers and given away free.

UPDDATE: September 10th 2015 – Now with full support for the latest Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS version 10.1.0-27 as well as the newest Nintendo DSi / DSi XL Version 1.45 – the R4i Gold 3DS will work regardless of the hand held game system you have, or what version it is running.  The R4i Gold remains one of our top flash cards.  Both due to compatibility with the apps, games and freeware, as well as instant kernel updates when a new upgrade to the DSI or the 3DS comes out!

But it's much more than just games! The R4i Gold 3DS Card will put true multimedia right into your pocket via your Nintendo 3DS system.  Whether you want to take your 3ds and turn it into a movie player, or just want to sit back, relax, and read the latest and greatest eBooks – it's all possible!  The R4i 3DS Gold card has a very easy to use user interface that makes accessing your games, apps, and media a breeze.  The built in Moonshell Media player puts your MP3 music right at your finger tips, ready to bring it all to your console.

But there's more. Play some of the best classic NES and SNES games on your Nintendo 3DS with the R4i.  With freeware emulators available for the R4i, you'll be going all retro on your 3DS system. With support for up to 32GB sized mirco SD cards, the R4i gold 3ds will give you all the storage you need to fill up your card with the best games, apps, movies, music and more!  You can swap out the micro SD cards for virtually unlimited space for every type of media file you can throw at your Nintendo 3DS.  

R4I GOLD 3DS is going to be the best investment you could ever make for your NEW 3DS hand held game system. Just one card that truly does it all!

3DS 10.1 Free Hacking

The 3Ds scene has been running for a while now and since the introduction of Ninjhax, the first method of running homebrew on the 3Ds which required the game Cubic Ninja which is still pretty expensive since every time Smea delivers people go out to buy it. Fast Forward to almost a year later and we have all sorts of HAX, the TUBEHAX, IRONHAX, SMASHAX, BROWSERHAX and THEMEHAX (also known as the HomeMenuHax) which don’t really need to be explained. 

These 3ds 10.1 free hacks, ninjhax, ironhax, youtubehax and the most recent HomeMenuHax you can choose freely to your NEW Nintendo 3DS console. They are all supporting region free and homebrew loading to the NEW 3DS system and comptible with the latest 10.1 firmware. However for 3ds or ds games hacking, all of them don't support all the time!

R4I GOLD 3DS VS 3DS 10.1 region free and homebrew exploits

In my opinion, r4i gold 3ds card is better than the free 3ds 10.1 hacks. Why? R4i gold 3ds with all the listed advantages below.

  • Full Compatibility: R4i gold 3ds card is compatible with 3DS V10.1.0-27 and DSI V1.45.
  • Support DS Game Hack: R4i gold 3ds support multi NDS Roms directly!
  • Support Multiple functions: One card but supports free games, emulators, homebrews, multi-media files at the same time.
  • Support Real time save and cheat when game play
  • Easy to use on any Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS game device

DSTWO PLUS vs R4I GOLD 3DS, which can work on 3ds 10.1 to support free games?

In the upcoming October, Supercard team will release the anticipated 3ds flashcart New DSTWO PLUS. When it is coming out, for 3ds latest firmware 10.1.0-27, which card we should buy? Is the Dstwo Plus which supports 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games in one card or the R4i gold 3ds which with the most famous wood kernel? I will let you know here.

New Dstwo Plus

Supercard dstwo plus is based on dstwo 3ds card and has been fully updated with hardware and new functions. It can support 3ds games with GW plug in, run ds games with dstwo EOS and have GBA/SNES emulators all in one card. The card will be released soon according to the official team and you can get to know more new features of dstwo plus here.

Powerful Hardware

DSTWO PLUS powerful onboard CPU and 32MB running RAM allows for built-in support of Game Boy Advance (GBA) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games and other amazing realtime features that are available during gameplay.
DSTWO PLUS has 4 times flash and 2 times CPLD than DSTWO. It begins with the DSTWO PLUS… Now it's time to go beyond 3DS! It can support 3DS new version through upgradable firwmare system in the future.

Support for 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games

  • Emulate GW

The super Gateway Plug in with DSTWO PLUS hardware, it can emulate Gateway flash card. There is unnecessary use two card, just ONE enough. 3DS games support with Gateway Plug in. No region limitation, any version games can work on any version 3DS. The plug in is very easy to use, just like always.

  • DS Game Compatibility

The No.1 DS flash cart, the perfect DS game play system in the world. DSTWO EOS system with a lot of powerful function: Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide, Slow Motion. 32MB running RAM fix a lot of TF lag problems, this problem can corrupt game.

  • GBA and SNES emulation

TempGBA is base on official GBA emulator, it is the best and the only one that people can play GBA game on 3DS. And it’s the only one running Golden Sun perfectly.

A perfect SNES emulator with the powerful hardware, that make DSTWO PLUS is the only one that can play SNES game perfectly on 3DS in the world.

R4i gold 3ds

R4i gold 3ds rts is a well-used r4 3ds card released by r4ids.cn, this card has very good NDS game compatibility, it supports Region Free, Multi-rom, SDHC, Video, MP3, TXT files and other fearures. R4i gold 3ds is maily used to play DS games and homebrews on your 3ds/3ds xl console. And Compatible with other consoles like NEW 3DS,2DS,DSi XL, DSi, DS Lite and DS. With the latest r4i gold 3ds wood firmware v1.64, you can use it on the latest version of 3ds xl/3ds V10.1.0-27 and DSi XL/DS V1.4.5.

R4i gold 3ds Features

  1. Support thousands of DS Games with lower price under 20$.
  2. SDHC support (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G) to add into more game roms
  3. With Moonshell to support Multimedia functions
  4. Real time save to let user save and restore game data easily in game
  5. Cheats/AR support to help users pass difficult game level.
  6. Moonshell 2.2 and other Homebrews
  7. Automatic DLDI patching
  8. Automatically detect save type
  9. Multiple save slots per game
  10. Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  11. WiFi game, Muti-player gaming locally, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  12. Skin DIY
  13. Quick and easy shortcuts list
  14. Regular updates


Comparison Supercard dstwo Plus R4i gold 3ds
Availability In October Now
Price unknown, but must be higher than $50 $17.8
Game Type NDS Game, with 3DS/GBA/SNES game plug in DS Game
Compatibility Not sure for now 3DS V10.1.0-27 and DSI V1.45
Use More game type means more steps for installing.  Easy and Simple.

Summary: If the dstwo plus with 3ds 10.1 firmware compatibility, apprently this card is better than r4i gold 3ds. On the other hand, if the card can't support 3ds/3ds xl with higher firmwares, you still choose r4i gold 3ds card. It is cheap and used on 3ds 10.1 with no issues. 

R4i gold 3ds deluxe, is this the R4i 3ds card supporting 3ds games on 10.1.0-27?

3ds flahshcart is expensive, is there any R4 card to buy for playing 3ds games? Does the R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE from www.r4ids.cn support 3ds roms on 10.1.0-27 firmware? If you know any R4i 3ds card with cheap price can run free 3ds games on 3ds v10.1, please tell me. Many of you perhaps have the same question, in hte post, i will reply you.

R4I 3DS for 3DS Games?

R4i card with 3ds title can't support 3ds games! They just can work on 3ds handheld systems to support ds games. Don't buy any of the following r4i 3ds card to play 3ds games. On the other hand, if you like to play old ds games, run homebrews and emulaotrs, enjoy multi-media files on 3dds, new 3ds, 2ds and ds consoles, they are the best choice. Recommend R4I 3DS Gold highly!

R4I 3DS Game Type

R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE suppports 3ds games on 10.1.0-27?

It is the only 3ds flashcart that with R4 title. But you should attention R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE is not R4I 3DS card. It is being called under R4I GOLD because this card from the same team as R4I 3DS Gold card.

What's R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE Edition?

A couple months after the release of the Gateway 3DS we've seen a few more 3DS mode flashkits that allow you to play 3DS roms. One of these being the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe was just released October 31st and is one first of the 3DS flashkits to come into the market. The R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe launched with only the ability to play 3DS roms but 4 days after its release the R4i Gold Team added in support for firmware spoofing (Allows you to play games that require firmwares higher than 4.5.) and region free (Allows you to play games from any region).

So don't recommend this card, now it is out-dated 3ds flashcart. It doesn't keep the update with Gateway 3ds and can't support 3ds games on higher 3ds fimrware version like Sky3ds. If you are really looking for a good 3ds flashart, just choose between Gateway and sky3ds cards. They are the major products in the market.

Which card to buy for playing free 3ds games on 3DS/N3DS V10.1?

That is Sky3ds. SKY3DS is another new type 3ds flashcart. The SKY3DS uses very different technoloy. Althought sky3ds only support 3DS roms and region-lock. That's mean you can only play your region games, things will be changed via Ninjhax 2.1. Althought SKY3DS is hard to change games, you must press the blue button time after time. But SKY3DS have two uncomparable features. No.1 SKY3DS is very very easy to use. You just need flash the game to micro sd card. and play it normally. No.2 SKY3DS uses the special technology, you can use it on any 3DS console. Include the Latest New 3DS 10.1.0.

In my option, Gateway 3DS can't use on New 3DS and 3DS,2DS 9.3.x 9.4.x and maybe gateway 3DS will not support 9.5,9.6…… Gateway 3DS may not support futrue Nintendo 3DS systems. But the SKY3DS may support all the 3DS systems. Because SKY3DS use the title key method to hack the 3DS system.

Which 3ds flashcart is compatible with 3ds roms on 10.1, Sky3ds or R4i gold?

Which nintendo 3ds flashcart is compatible with 3ds games on the latest 3ds firmware version 10.1? Sky3ds or R4i gold 3ds, if you don't know choose which one for 3ds roms, let me tell you here.

Sky3ds hack for 3ds 10.1

<a target='_blank'  data-cke-saved-href='http://sky-3ds.com/8-r4-3ds' href='http://sky-3ds.com/8-r4-3ds'>R4 3DS</a>

Sky3DS from sky3ds.com is the real 3ds game supported card for nealy All 3ds firmwares and NEW 3DS/2DS consoles. It is with the best 3ds compatibility, which means the card even can support free 3ds games on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds 10.1 without complex hacking tech but with simple cheating method. How is it? The official team gets the secret ID info of commercial game cartridge, it eidts the Sky3ds template file accoding to the ID info, so when sky3ds is inserted into 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console, the 3ds firmware will regard it as the genuine game card. That's the way Sky3ds works. You have no need to do many things, download diskwriter and template file for sky3ds card, then everything can go smoothly. Besides the easy 3ds hacking or cheating, Sky3ds card is your only 3ds 10.1 pirated 3ds game card to buy, it with all the following features.

  • Support free 3DS Game play, multi-3ds rom, Plug & play , easy to setup.
  • Support Homebres and Region free with HomeBrew loader “Ninjhax v2.1”
  • 100% 3DS Multi-rom compatibility
  • Support eShop access freely
  • Support online game playing and game updating online
  • Write tool built in game save backup/restore features
  • USB 2.0 card reader included, write/read games at faster speed
  • Compatible with all of Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC(2GB~128GB)

R4i gold 3ds hack for 3ds 10.1


R4i gold 3ds wood, as the most famous r4 3ds card in the market, it is hacking 3ds system to support many functions and features. Here list the common functions which r4i gold 3ds supports on 3DS V10.1.0 and lower versions. If you are interested in the card or not sure how to use these features, contact us in 3ds-flashcard.com.

  • Multi-Rom: Download and put lots of DS Roms into micro sd/sdhc card is allowed, so users can play different DS Games with one r4i gold 3ds card.
  • Region-Free: R4i gold 3ds supports users play cross-region DS Games on 3DS/3DS XL console. For example, you can play EU/JP version DS Games on 3DS V9.5.0-22U/J/E.
  • Homebrews: supports users enjoy the third-party useful softwares and games.
  • Apps: Support popular apps for Facebook, Twitter, Web Browsing, and more.
  • Emulators: Supports Emulators to play NES games, SNES, TG16 games, NeoGeo games, Gameboy and Gameboy color games. Supports classic computer games for systems like the ZX Spectrum, the C64, BBC Mirco and others.
  • Real time save: R4i gold 3ds supports users save and restore game data during game, so you can back to the state when you save in game last time.
  • Real time guide:R4i gold 3ds supports users read hints/guide of the games immediately without exit to the game.
  • User-cheat: R4i gold 3ds supports different cheat codes in game play, so users can pass the difficult level easily.

Sky3ds or R4i gold 3ds, which one is compatible with 3ds games on 10.1.0-27?

The answer is Sky3ds card. R4i gold 3ds is the ds mode flashcart for 3ds 10.1.0-27 firmware. Buy sky3ds for playing 3ds games and buy R4i gold 3ds for enjoying ds games. If you want to play the 2 type nintendo games, buy them together. You can get discount in 3ds-fashcard.com with 3ds/ds game download code.

3DS 10.1.0 released, which is the best r4i 3ds card work on 10.1.0-27U?

Among r4i 3ds gold, r4i 3ds rts, r4i 3ds gold pro, which is the best r4i 3ds card for hacking 3ds v10.1.0? Here i will give you answers.

R4I 3DS Gold on 3DS 10.1.0-27

r4i gold 3ds

R4I Gold 3DS is a classic R4i 3ds flashcard for DS and 3DS consoles. It has all the basic functions of flashcard, such as supporting 5500+NDS Games, cross-region DS Games, 100% Multi-roms, Homebrew apps, play old GBA/SNES/NES games and so on. Besides this, it comes from famous www.r4ids.cn and uses the original wood kernel(software)which the R4 team supplied. And r4i gold 3ds can hack N3DS/3DS with all firmare versions and regions, means that users are free to play pirated DS Games on 3DS, 3DS XL, N3DS, N3DS XL and 2DS handhelds. It has the best compatibility on both 3DS system versions and DS Games. All in All, 17.8$ for a simple r4i gold 3ds card but enhancing all the using experience on 3DS V10.1.0 is a great deal.

R4I 3DS RTS on 3DS 10.1.0-27


R4i 3ds rts with RTS features, is regarded the best R4 3DS card in the market.With a recent updating v1.82b, this card improved its game performace by fixing some bugs. With unique Wifi Engine, this card supports download and update kernel via Wifi. And users can get Free NDS Roms from a certain site offerd by R4I-SDHC. With 4 rts save files, r4i sdhc 3ds give more chances to game players save and restore in game. So, if you guys want to pick up the best DS Game Supported card, R4i sdhc 3ds rts is the first one.

R4I 3DS GOLD PRO on 3DS 10.1.0-17

R4i 3ds gold pro 2015 is the new card which is developed by original gold version and wood developing team. It integrates rapid kernel update, simple operation and great cost performance. R4i 3ds gold pro has all the basic functions of other R4 flashcard. Support moonshell 2.1 and 3DS (XL) all firwares include V10.1.0 and DSI v1.4.5. What'more, it is compatible with 3DS/NEW 3DS/DS coand keeping updating the kernel to support the latest games.

The Best R4I 3DS card for 3DS 10.1.0-27


So, R4I 3DS RTS is the best one for playing thousnds of DS Games on 3DS 10.1.0-17 firmware. You can buy from 3ds-flashcard.com with local shipping to USA/France and 3ds/ds game download service. We have Rom2station.com to offer you. So you can download 3ds/ds games freely with our given download code after your order.

Price 18$ 17.8$ $15
Availability YES YES YES
Games Support nealy all DS Games Users reported bugs some times some prolems
Card quality More firm and genuine A few fake cards in the market Many fake cards in the market
Functions Support more simulators and tools Less Less
Use Support longer using time Shorter Shorter

3DS V10.0.0-27|Which R4I GOLD support on 3DS/2DS 10.0?

Nintendo released 3ds v10.0.0-27 firmware just now. Does R4I Gold card still support, Which is the best R4I Gold to buy for 3ds 10.0 and Where to buy R4I Gold 3ds for 2DS/3DS 10.0.0-27? In this post, you can find answers.

R4I Gold card supports on 3DS 10.0.0

  1. R4I GOLD PRO 2015
  3. R4I GOLD EU 3DS

The 3 r4i gold 3ds cards we have tested them all on 3ds v10.0.0-27u, they can play free nds games on this latest firmware without probblems. Don't buy R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE Edition for 3DS 10.0. It's a 3ds game supported card but can't work out of the 3ds firmware range v4.1 to v4.5.

The Best R4I Gold card for 3DS 10.0.0

R4 3DS

R4I GOLD PRO 2015 with 3.6b kernel

R4i gold pro 2015 is from www.r4isdhc.com, it's regarded as the best r4i gold card among the 3 aboving, it has a more active team than other ones, the 3.6b kernel is release resently for good game compatibility and card performance. Kernel is the key of an R4 card. With regular updated kernel, 2015 R4I GOLD PRO card is well-used on 3DS/NEW 3DS consoles. In addition,. the card is cheaper then R4I GOLD 3DS WOOD with the same functions. So If you want to choose the No.1 R4I Gold card, R4I GOLD PRO 2015 is the best choice.

Where to buy R4I Gold card for 3DS 10.0

REV3DS.COM is an reliable site. they provide the best customer service and the unique 3ds/ds game download service.

And this site not send the product from China, USA customer can get the product from CA, which usually take 3-5 working days for delivery. And the France users can get the product from Pairs, you can get it within 1-3 working days. Very very fast shiping.