Gateway 3ds Response Regarding the 9.0.0-20 Update

After the Nintendo 3ds new system 9.0.0-20 released, may gateway 3ds users are worried and asked  information about the new 9.0 update, and how and whether it affects gateway emunand or not. Then today the gateway 3ds offical team announced the statement about  the “emunand’ to the new 9.0.0-20 update. if you are  gateway 3ds users,  stay tuned to more updated news from the gateway 3ds offical team and they are woking hard on it now. You should make sure do not update the new firmware and another, the emunand feature is not working for now.  You can also followed our r4depot site for more updates and status reports about the Gateway 3DS .

gateway 3ds

Here are the details:

News just reached us about System Firmware 9.0.0-20 being released, and some users have already notified us that 9.0.0-20 emunand is not booting.

We have analysed this update for a bit and we can reassure our users that we expect to have a new Launcher update ready shortly.

Our originally planned Launcher for the next release will be put on hold until we have emunand support again.

Until next time, ENJOY!

Does R4i Gold 3DS Support 3DS 9.0.0-20 ?

Does the R4 Gold 3DS Support the latest 3DS 9.0.0-20 ?
Nintendo has released the new firmware 9.0.0-20 which bring more functions. Now users can change the theme of the system. It’s very useful for kids. If you want to upgrade your 3DS system, you must make sure that dose the R4i Gold 3DS support the latest 3DS 9.0.0-20 ?
The answer is yes. After the official reseller test, all the r4 cards support the latest 3DS 9.0.0-20. But if you use the 3DS mode flashcart (Gateway 3DS,R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe…) you can’t use the 9.0.0-20 emunamd, don’t upgrade.

Gateway 3DS official news:


Posted on October 7, 2014

News just reached us about System Firmware 9.0.0-20 being released, and some users have already notified us that 9.0.0-20 emunand is not booting.

We have analysed this update for a bit and we can reassure our users that we expect to have a new Launcher update ready shortly.
Our originally planned Launcher for the next release will be put on hold until we have emunand support again.

Until next time, ENJOY!

Does the R4i Gold Support the New Nintendo 3DS LL Console ?

Nintendo New 3DS will be released at 11th October,2015 . The price is amazing $180.6. It’s cheaper ?

The new Nintendo 3DS has more poerful CPU and many hardware changes. such as

C-Stick — The C-Stick is a second analogue controller that serves (in practice) as an additional Circle Pad. Confirmed titles used to highlight the C-Stick are Monster Hunter 4 G (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate),Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy Explorers and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

ZL and ZR Buttons — Additional shoulder buttons are located alongside the existing L and R buttons, bringing the input options into line with those offered by the Circle Pad Pro.

NFC — An NFC reader has been placed underneath the bottom (touch) screen, which will be used for recognising amiibo figures.

Super-Stable 3D — This will use the internal camera to track movement in order to maintain the glasses-free 3D sweet spot even as the system’s top screen angle changes, providing a wider viewing angle and more stable image. This stabilising effect will be disabled in relatively rare cases of the inner camera being active and in-use in a game or app.

Faster CPU — The CPU has been enhanced for this new model (we’re aware of the speculation regarding the scale of the improvement, but that’s merely rumour). It will speed up the overall operating system including eShop downloads, Miiverse browsing etc.

Improved Web Browser — Linked to that improved CPU, the browser will now also be quicker and support HTML5 video. The browser will also, by default, have a filter to block mature content — there’ll be a one-off fee of 30 Yen (less than 30 cents) to disable this filter. That payment must be made with a credit card, so though the price is tiny it naturally requires an adult with a credit card to remove the setting.

Wireless connection with PC — Confirmed to work with Windows 8.1 and 7, it’ll be possible to wirelessly move media files from the New 3DS models to a PC and vice-versa.

Micro-SD storage — Unlike the SD card support in current models, the New systems will use a Micro-SD card for storage, and it’ll be located in the same area as the battery.

System transfers from old to new models will be possible, using either a wireless connection or copying all data from the old system onto a computer and then onto the new hardware. The recommended method will be to utilise Wi-Fi, and we suspect an app will be part of the process. Importantly, data cannot be transferred from a New 3DS to an older model.

Improved Camera Lighting

Though the resolution of the camera remains the same, they’ll provide improved images in poor lighting.

New Charging Dock

The New systems use the same AC adapter as their predecessors, but new changing docks will also be released, priced at 1200 Yen for the LL / XL and 1000 Yen for the smaller model, excluding tax.

Exclusive Game

A port of Wii title Xenoblade Chronicles will be released on the New Nintendo 3DS models, and will only work on these systems due to their increased CPU power. It is the only New-exclusive game announced so far.

We hope the New Nintendo 3DS LL or XL will sell good,because you can enjoy real game then phones.

Like the 2DS, I think the New 3DS will be compatible with the old DS games, so the old DS flashcarts will work on the New 3DS. But the Gateway 3DS maybe bocked by this New 3DS console.

Anyway, We will focus on this new console and flashcarts for it.

[FAQ]How to fix white screen and show menu on the 3DS when use the R4i Gold Card ?

The R4i Gold support playing all the DS games.When you got it you should setup it first. But you meaby have some issues. like this one:

If your 3DS is showing this error message, it means that the kernel/driver is missing on the micro SD memory card inserted in the flashcart or your micro sd card is not compatible. Try Below:

1. download the right latest 1.64 kernel from here:

2. if your micro sd card is not original, change another new micro sd card, you should format it first.

Then setup it again follow this tutorial:

STEP 1: Prepare the wood r4 kernel and r4 card

1) Micro sd card ( Sandisk is better,not the SD card coming with the 3ds(XL))
    (don’t buy from amazon, there are many fake cards)
2) R4i Gold 3DS Card
3)Wood r4 v1.64 kernel files ( download from here:
   (there are many links on the page, find out the below picture and click the download)

4)micro sd card reader. You should format you micro sd card to FAT32
   format is very important.

STEP 2: copy kernel files

copy all the files _rpg and _DS_MENU.DAT to the root folder of the micro sd card.

STEP  3: copy some ds games to play

copy the game roms to the root folder of the micro sd card.( we provide some free roms here:

Download New Super Mario bros

STEP 4: insert the cards like below

Dose R4i Gold Support 3DS Games on 3DS XL 8.1.0-19 ?

Dose the R4i Gold support 3DS games on 3DS XL 8.1.0-19 ?

NO. Never. R4i Gold is an r4 flashcart. R4 cards can only process the ds roms. some name like “xxx.nds”, but the 3DS roms can’t works on the r4 flashcart.

So if you want to play 3DS roms, you can’t use the r4i gold card.

Can’t works on 3DS XL ?

No, the r4i gold card can works on all the nds consoles include the 3DS XL/3DS/2DS/DSi/DS consoles, so you don’t need to worry about that.

R4i Gold support all the DS games. there are more than 5000 ds games in the market. You can always find a game you like.

Some famous da game list:

pokemon diamond 

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

the urbz-sims in the city

brother in arms

Don’t care

Mega Man ZX

New Super Mario Bros.

Mario And Luigi: Partners in Time


Phoenix Wright

Mario Kart +1

Elite Beat agents

Zelda PH +2

MegaMan Star Force

MegaMan Battle Network 5 Double Team

Yu-Gi-Oh! World championship 2007

Pokemon Pearl

Trauma Centre: Under the Knife

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Digimon World DS


Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow



Luminous Arc +2

DK Climber DS

Toss up between Rune Factory and Megaman Star Force Leo

Advance wars

Harvest moon rune factory

Elite beat agent

Super Mario Basketball

Trauma center – under the knife

ouendan 2

phoneix wright


Harvest Moon Rune Factory

Digimon World DS

The Urbz – Sims In The City

Harvest Moon

Digimon Dusk

Digimon Dawn

How to play multi-media (video) on r4i gold 3DS ?

R4i Gold is not only can support playing ds roms, but also support play multi-media files on your 3DS(Xl)/2DS/DSi cosnole.R4i Gold is one of the most powerful and stable flashcart, which have many excellent plugins, as well as higher game compatibility.It’s worth to buy a r4i gold to enjoy DS games on your console. For the players who want to enjoy multi-media files on your game player. the r4i gold card is a good solution.  Here is the tutorial of how to play multi media files or image files on  you 3DS(Xl)/2DS/DSi/DS.

STEP 1: Preparation

  1. R4i Gold 3DS Card  (if you don’t have one, you can cost $17.9 to get the latest which support the 3DS 8.1.0-19 and all the orther versions)
  2. the r4i gold kernel ( download from here:
  3. download the import plug  MP4 Player for 3DS

STEP 2: install these files.

  1. zuzip the kernel file and copy all the files to the root foler of the micro sd card.
  2. copy the MP4 Player file m4vtst1.nds to the root folder of the micro sd card.
  3. inser the micro sd card to the r4 card and put r4 card into your 3DS
  4. copy some mp4 files to the root folder of your card

Now you can enjoy all the mp4 files .

Gateway 3DS OMEGA 2.3 test:firmware Support Firmware 7.x or higher games,boot emunand 8.x and higher 100% game compatibility

The news from Gateway 3DS official site. The new beta 2.3b firmware is released. THis new updates supporrt 7.x fimrware and higher games. (PS: not works on 3DS 7.x system)  it’s main for some recent games have started to use features only present on System Firmware 7.x or higher.Classic mode will only boot emunand 8.x or higher if you have a genuine Gateway card inserted. You can still continue without, but
support for emunand 8.x or higher will not work.

Below is the full news of gateway 3DS:

Today we are very proud to present Gateway firmware OMEGA 2.3b BETA to our beta testers!

For this update we focused on bringing support back for recent games and applications that use the new encryption method that was introduced in System Firmware 7.x and higher.
It took us a while before it was ready, but here we are today. We always deliver as promised!

With this update we are happy to announce that this brings our game compatibility back to 100% and we want to keep it that way!

But we also want to make a few observations:
* We have noticed that some recent games have started to use features only present on System Firmware 7.x or higher.
Firmware spoofing no longer works for these games, and emunand is currently required for these games to run.

* Classic mode will only boot emunand 8.x or higher if you have a genuine Gateway card inserted. You can still continue without, but
support for emunand 8.x or higher will not work.

We are still investigating if we can improve upon these limitations, but we currently think that this is an acceptable solution for the time being.
That and we also have a lot more interesting features planned that we want to release!

Our next focus will be revising the savegames subsystem. We think a lot of our savegame editing and retail gamecard users will be pleased with what we have planned!

Once approved by our beta testing friends, the final release will be published. If all goes well, this means very soon.

Until next time, ENJOY and as always support the innovators and not the imitators!


Gateway 3DS is the first and best 3DS flashcart in the market. If yours 3DS system is during the range 4.1~4.5, We highly recommend you buy the Gateway 3DS. Because you can play all the 3DS games on via this flashcart. It’s very very worth.

Test the new Gateway 3DS 2.3b firmware

First, as the website said,a red card is required for the GW mode,without that you will never get in that mode! –


Updating emunand to 8.1E…


BTW,CLASSIC MODE won’t work for 7.1 or higher emunand system,without a red card,you’ll have a black screen… Running a high version system rom:0999 – Youkai Watch 2 – Honke (Japan).It runs well.


EShop wroks too:


Does R4i Gold flashcart for 3DS Good or is worth to buy ?

R4i Gold is a r4 flashcart for 3DS(XL)/2DS/DSi/DS console, you can use it to enjoy all the DS games on the console with free.It’s crucially important to choose a right flashcart for your NDS console. Because there are so many games, we can’t always buy them.

To get a holistic view of the r4i gold flashcart, I will show you the card itself, the functions, the features, and the price, of course the most important—Where to buy .

What’s the R4i Gold look like ?


You can see, it’s just like a normal R4 cartridge, with same size. the only different is the logo on the card. Dose it use  like a normal retail cartridge ? of course not. The R4i Gold has a little different, the card has a slot to insert the micro sd card. So you can use the micro sd card to hold the game roms and other homebrew appes.

What’s the R4i Gold Can Do ?

R4i Gold is one of the most famous r4 flashcart, you can use it to play all the ds games like the retail cartridge, no any different. Even more, this card support homebrew apps, like some caculator or other tools. You can also use it to listen musci, read e-books. What’s more, you can use emulators on the r4 card. You can play GBA, SNES games on it. Amazing ? right. And all of these are free ! Game roms are free, tutorials are free and homebrew apps are free too.

We know that if you buy a Europe game card, you can’t use it on Japan console. That’s the region lock. But the r4 flashcart has unlocked this limit. You can enjoy all the region’s games. No matter US,EU or JP. It’s called region free!

How to use the R4i Gold on 3DS/2DS/DSi/DS ?

The usage of r4i gold on all the consoles is same. Don’t matter the 3DS firmware version number. It’s the same.  Only three steps :

1: download the r4 gold kernel file from the official site or from
    download the games roms you want to play

2: copy the kernel files and game roms to the root folder of the micro sd card.

3:insert the micro sd card into the r4 gold card and put the r4 gold card into your 3DS.

Now everthing is down, you can enjoy the games. It’s very easy!

Where to buy the most trusted r4i gold card ?

There are som many shops sell the r4 flashcats, but many fake sites and fake card. If you buy the fake card, you can’t use it on your 3DS, or some cards have low quality. So first of all, choose a trusted shops. The provide the original r4i gold card for users. , 100% Tested, 100% Work Fine and 100% Quality Warranty! 
If the card can’t use or it’s a fake card, they can refund the full money back.They have online service for users, you can contact them directly. Email: you can ask more detail questions and get more help. They should reply within 24 hours. It’s the best r4 flashcart site. Highly recommended.

Which one should to buy R4i Gold 3DS or R4i Gold Pro ?

R4i Gold and R4i Gold Pro have the same name “R4i Gold”,but actually they come from different company. The R4i Gold is called “R4i Gold 3DS RTS” Or R4i Gold 3DS Wood” which come from the The R4i Gold Pro is called “r4i gold pro 2014” which come from the

Except the name, this two cards have many differents.

R4i Gold 3DS

this is the most famous r4 wood flashcart which have the wood kernel inside, so it support all the functions of wood kenel. If you are intrest in the Wood kernel. You should choose this product. We know that the R4i Gold 3DS. Not only support most of the DS games, you can use r4i Gold 3DS play many different homebrews.

R4i Gold Pro

R4i Gold Pro is a normal r4 flashcart. It have all the functions of R4i GOld 3DS. Compared to R4i Gold 3DS, R4i Gold Pro is a little slow in loading the kenel and games. But not too much, about 1-2 seconds. So if you don’t care about this you can use this flashcart to works on your 3DS/2DS/DSi/DS console. The latest version of R4i Gold Pro is the 2014 version. It’s on sale at So it’s worth to buy.

R4i Gold 3DS and R4i Gold Pro are both very good r4 flashcart. They come different company, so the UI and loading speed have a little different. The R4i Gold 3DS maybe well known by more users.

They are both ok to it’s price. So you can choose any of them.

What’s the different between r4i gold 3ds and r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition ?

The has two main product. the R4i Gold 3DS  and the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe edition . What’s the different between the two product. The only different is the Deluxe ? No, not that simple. I will show you the different between this two r4 gold product.

R4i GOld 3DS :

R4i Gold 3DS is a classical r4 flashcart. It’s the almost the only one which support the default wood kernel. This flashcart is a r4 flashcart, so it can’t play 3DS mode games. For example the Pokemon x&y or MH4. But you can play almost all the DS games. Pokemon white 2 for DS, Pokemon black 2 for DS and many other amazing DS games. The only disadvantage is that you can’t play 3DS roms which have the xxx.3ds format

The R4 gold 3DS works on all the 2DS/3DS/DS/DSi consoles. So the r4 card has the best compatibility. You don’t need to worry about the compatibility. That’s why so many people choose this product. Another one more main reason is the system limit. Because all the 3DS mode flashcarts only works on 3DS 4.1~4.5 firmware. So most of the console can’t use these cards.  include  the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition.

R4i GOld 3DS Deluxe Edition:

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition have all the function of R4i Gold 3DS, Enjoy DS games, listen music,read e-books and play homebrew apps. But this card is a 3DS mode flashcart. That’s mean you can play 3DS roms on 3DS(XL) console via this flashcart. What’s more it support mult-roms, so you can hold more than one games in the same micro sd card. It’s very useful. Emuland functions let you play 7.x system games on 3DS 4.1~4.5 firmware. That’s amazing !

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe edition is a clone of Gateway 3DS, so it have most of the functions of Gateway 3DS. The price will be much cheaper than Gateway 3DS.

So the main different is that “supporting 3DS roms or not supporting” Another  thing you must make sure. Your 3DS(XL) or 2DS fimrware version number. If it’s not in the range of 4.1~4.5. You can’t use any 3DS mode flashcart. include the R4i Gold 3DS deluxe edition.

SO whichi one should to buy, I thinks you have the answer.