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Hack 2DS/NEW 2DS: How to install B9S and 3DS CFW with R4i gold pro 2017?

As you know, the boot9strap is perfect for hacking Nintendo 3DS consoles, including the 3DS XL / New 3DS XL / 2DS / New 2DS XL. To obtain it, one usually needs the Ntrboothax exploit, which is called Magnethax as well, although there is still hardmode and dsiware to choose. You must agree that flashing NTRboot to a ds/dsi flahscart is the easiest way for now. In the past, only R4i gold 3ds, Acekard 2i, R4i b9s and some DSTT cards support the NTRboot method. However, from today, we can also use R4i gold pro, R4i dual core, R4i sdhc 3ds and other R4isdhc cards for running it. So, is an R4i gold pro 2017 a good choice for installing B9S/3DS CFW to 2DS or NEW 2DS XL console? Let’s us check here.

What’s the R4i gold pro?


R4i GOLD PRO 2017 is compatible with the latest 3DS V11.6.0-39 and DSi 1.4.5. It is a very hot R4 card to buy for playing NDS games. 2017 r4i gold pro can help you crack the Nintendo 2DS/NEW 2DS XL system to play the DS games (in .nds format) for free. And, r4i gold pro 3ds is able toletusersto listen to music / MP3, read e-books, watch photos and video through its built-in MoonShell 2.2. Plus, it is compatible with the emulators of the SNES/NES/Other retro games, but keep in mind that, the R4i gold pro can’t play 3ds games.

As a ds gameflashcardoran 3ds r4 card, R4i gold pro is popular in the market, keeping update year by year, so if you are looking to buy a cheap R4i gold card with full R4 functions, you can choose this.

R4i gold pro 2017 supports NTRboothax!

Good news to all of you ~Kitling, the developer of Ntrboot_Flasher has released its latest update: Ntrboot flasher version 0.3.1. The most important change is the support toflashcarts from and Which means that R4isdhc gold pro, R4isdhc dual core, R4isdhc rts lite, R4i sdhc 3ds rts and more cards are now supporting NTRboothax.

Even ifyouhavea old version 2015 or 2014 R4isdhc cards ar home, you can find it and use it again to install b9s on your 2DS console! However, if you have the NEW 2DS XL, only the 2017 R4ISDHC(gold pro, dual core, silver rts lite) cards will work.

How to install b9s with r4i gold pro 2017 on 2DS and NEW 2DS XL?

It should be pointed out that these NTRbootcartsworks in the same way of R4i gold 3ds rts since they are not pre-installed by Ntrboot. You must first flash the ntrboothax to the cards using different methods. And then you can start installing b9s on the  target 2DS or NEW 2DS XL. About the full tutorial, you can go to and follow their user guide. Notice that all these flashcarts may lose DS cards feature after using for NTRboot method unless you can do the final step to restore it.

So if you prefer toa easier NTRboot card for playing ds games and installing CFW,  I will recommend you the R4i-B9S which is pre-installed from Ntrboot and at the same time it reads DS roms in DS mode. And yet its price is not expensive ($19.9 at It is a flashcard that allows you to play CIA 3DS games and DS games at the same time, and comparing with r4isdhc/r4i-sdhc cards, the R4 B9S is more simple to operate.

In a word, after using R4I B9S for NTRboothax, you only need to download the B9S-Flasher V1.0 to switch this cart to the DS mode, then, you can play ALL DS Games for free.

2017 R4i gold pro or 2016/2015 R4i gold pro, which is a good choice for NTRboothax?

Of course, the latest version is the best choice, 2016 and 2015 R4i gold promaycould not work on the 2DS/NEW 2DS XL V11.6 to play ds games. Maybe they still support NTRboot flasher, but they don’t have a good compatibility to newest 2DS or 2DS XL firmware consoles.

So to be sure, it is better to choose its versions 2017, if you have already ordered a 2017 r4i gold pro to play DS games, it will be better!

Thanks to ntrboothax which is already very mature to the technology and easy to perform compared to the other 2 methods of hack 3DS (hardmode and dsiware) with the last update V0.3.1, you will be able to choose from many cards and install the b9s/3ds cfw on your console to play 3ds games for free with CIA format. If you do not have any one of them, you can buy from 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM, we support shipping from USA and France and we are using both Credit card/Paypal as payments. Buy an R4i gold pro or an R4I B9S card from us, free shipping, no tax, No waiting and No worries !!!



Ace3ds X or R4i gold, which is better and cheaper to buy for NTRboot?

ACE3DS card supports NTRboot method is outing. Yes, that’s the ACE3DS X, which is set to be released soon in this month from From the official site, the Ace3ds X card has a button and can switch freely between DS & 3DS mode. So is it a better NTRboot card than R4i gold 3ds? And can it play 3DS Games in 3DS Mode? Here you can get answers.

ACE3DS X for Nintendo 3DS

ace3ds x

It is a ds game and ntrboot cart which plans to release in this month. From the official site, they call the upcoming 3ds flashcard ACE3DS X. And they says the Ace3ds X supports both DS and 3DS Modes. What do we know about the flash card for now? Just check here.

Ace3ds X official site

This card will be launched from, which is the official site of ACE3DS PLUS too. It is also a very old flashcard company like the and, with years’ history and regular responses for 3ds new firmware. Their Ace3ds plus card is the cheapest ds game flashcart in the market, supports ds games on all 3ds/dsi firmware consoles but it does not support further update if one day Nintendo blocks it.

Ace3ds X compatibility

  1. In DS Mode: It can be used on all Nintendo 3DS/DSI firmware machines, including the 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/MEW 3DS XL/2DS/NEW 2DS XL and DS/DSL/DSI/DS Lite/DSI XL with any system version.
  2. In 3DS Mode: It can work on all 3DS consoles models & versions.

Ace3ds X features

  • Button: There is a button on the side of Ace3ds X card.
  • Handware: Ace3DS X has a switch for 3DS mode and DS mode.
  • NTRboot Compatible: In 3DS mode, the Ace3DS X has been pre-flashed NTRBOOT and supports installing boot9strap on all 3DS consoles models & versions.

ACE3DS X VS R4I GOLD 3DS, which is a better and cheaper NTRboot cart?

r4i gold 3ds ntrboothax

Price $29.8 $20.5
Compatibility For 3DS Mode: Support 3DS V11.6.0 and lower versions.

For DS Mode: Support 3DS V11.6 and DSO V1.4.5.

Support NTRboothax Yes Yes
Support Boot9strap/3DS CFW Yes Yes
With button Yes No
Support DS games Yes, via pusing the button to DS Mode. Yes, after follow a guide to set it back to NDS Flashcard.

Apparently, the R4I GOLD 3DS is better and cheaper to buy for NTRboot. But for playing ds games, ACE3DS X is more worthy to get.

Does ACE3DS X support 3DS Games in 3DS Mode?

No, the ACE3DS X is not playing any 3ds games or any cia 3ds games. it is still a ds game flashcard but with the NTRBoot compatibility. So after installing B9S/3DS CFW with this ntrboot cartridge, you can download and play CIA games. The Ace3ds X itself doesn’t support 3ds games in the 3DS Mode, or NTRboot mode. As to the direct 3ds game flashcard for your 3DS console? That is the Sky3ds+. It is the best 3ds flashcard to buy in 2017, with very easy installation and full game compatibility. More importantly, it will never be patched by Nintendo, cause it is a emulating card for retail commercial game cartridge.

Which R4 gold card supporting 3DS Games or 3DS CFW on 11.6/11.7 firmware?

Today’s R4 Gold or R4I Gold card is with amazing function, it can finally support Nintendo 3ds games on your console via installing CFW firstly. But which is the correct R4 Gold card to buy? For letting you avoid to choose the wrong R4/R4i gold flashcard, we are writing this post.

Which R4 Gold/R4i gold are still working in 2017?

Official site Available to buy Compatibility and Function Price
R4i gold 3ds rts Yes Play NDS games and run Ntrboothax.

Work on all DSI&3DS firmware consoles.


R4i gold pro 2017 Yes Play NDS games.

Work on all DSI&3DS firmware consoles.

R4i gold eu 3ds Yes Play NDS games.

Work on all DSI&3DS firmware consoles.

R4i gold 3ds deluxe Yes Play 3DS games and support NTRboothax too.

Work on 3DS V4.1 to V4.5 firmware consoles.


Which is the best R4 Gold to buy for playing Nintendo 3ds games?

r4i gold 3ds ntrboothax

After seeing the above chart, you can find that only 1 R4I GOLD card can support 3DS Games. However, this card is only working on the very lower 3ds firmware consoles to play free games. So apparently, it is not our best R4I Gold choice for hacking 3ds roms. Then which is the right card to choose? The answer is the R4i gold 3ds rts, though it is only playing NDS games, it is also compatible with the NTRboothax, which is very popular and easy to use for installing Boot9strap and CFW to your 3DS family system-handheld. Then with CFW running on your 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS XL device, you can play every 3DS Game with CIA format. That’s to say, you can play both eshop 3ds games and retail cart 3ds roms with a very cheap R4I GOLD 3DS card($20.5).

Does R4i gold 3ds support 3DS V11.6 and will it support V11.7 with NTRboot?

Yes, not only the R4i gold 3ds itself can work on 3DS V11.6.0-39 to play NDS games, it also works with NTRboot method for getting B9S/3DS CFW on this latest 3ds system version machine. The 3ds v11.6 is not bringing a new hardware, just a regular and small update. So don’t worry, you still can use the R4 Gold card to play NDS games or play CIA 3ds games. As for its compatibility to the next V11.7 FW, I have to say, both NTRboot exploit and R4i gold 3ds are not that easy be patched by Nintendo, unless the company releases a major update while its main focus is on Nintendo Switch in these days. All in all,  the conclusion is, even on the future 3DS V11.7, the R4 gold 3ds should work and so does the NTRboot.