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Which site to buy K3DS for play 3ds games on 3ds xl?

Though the official site of k3ds has released the news that its card is finally coming out, k3ds is still out of stock in most online sites. So where on earth we can buy the newly coming k3ds? Two choices for you: Wait for a while until the k3ds is available among the online stores or Choose a reliable site to pre-order it, so you can get the tested k3ds in the first time. It’s all up to you. BTW, as there are two 3ds flashcards already appeared in the present market, you can buy them too. Be more detailed, one is SKY3DS and the other is called R5SDHC.

What’s SKY3ds?

A break news from, a new flashcart company that their card,named sky3ds can support run 3ds games on N3DS V9.0.0-20 or on any N3DS console.They announced that sky3ds will be the world’s first card to support 3ds games on latest 3ds system firmware or incoming new N3DS console.Just as described,the new card can supports 3DS Multi-rom,supports any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.1.0-20J) as well as all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP),

What’s R5sdhc?

R5sdhc 3ds flashcart, this is another new card from has only one card to play 3ds games! It supports multi-rom but with 10 game per card limitation! Region locked! It don’t need to insert firmware file in micro sd card and you can put 3ds games in micro sd card to play them! R5sdhc can work on any 3ds console, including new 3ds, new 3ds LL! On 9.2.0 system!

Where to buy sky3ds or r5sdhc in US ,CA ,AUS and UK?

Here recommend two sites for you: REV3DS.COM and 3DS FLASHCRD.COM.

Tutorial: How to set up k3ds on 3DS v9.2.0 and all lower versions?

Yesterday, K3DS  was released to the public.The card which we know for ages has been finally out now. According to all the updated info on official site, we can find that k3ds is very similar with sky3ds too. The same 10 games limitation, press button to change games, support 3ds v9.2.0 and new 3ds console… All is offered by sky3ds as well. It seems like the two cards exploit the same technology while sky3ds takes the first step. Anyway, currently we have another 3ds flashcard, more choices may bring us a more affordable price. Wish in the near future we can buy sky3ds,R5sdhc or k3ds with reasonable and cheap price.

Back to the theme, how to setup k3ds on 3ds or 2ds console. In fact, the same manual as sky3ds. You can see a detailed guide below.

Step One: Download the Diskwriter V1.00.

1. By click Disk writer here or go to the official site to download it to our PC.

2. Unzip the rar and you could see the following files. Put them into a same folder.


3. Double click the “DiskWriterV100.exe” to run the app as an administrator role.

Step two: Run and set Diskwriter V1.00 Correclty

1. Insert a Microsd card with an adapter into your PC, and you will see the below option, select it and then click the button “Go!”. Remember that different sd card may send you different titles.Here show you two examples.

disk drivedisk drivee

2. Then a warning “The selected drive is not currently formatted for this application” is appearing. Just click “Yes” to continue.


3. The following picture will be showed to you if “DiskWriter V1.00″ tool is running normally.


4.Click File and choose Format.


5.So, you can see the warning” Formatting the dirve will destory ALL information on it! Are you sure you wish to processed? “, click “Yes” to go on. Then another warning will show to you once again, choose “Yes” still.

froo  really

6. When format is complete, click “OK”. Now step two is finished.


Step Three: Preflash 3ds roms into sky3ds card from PC.

1.Click”File”, but this time choose “Write”. Select one of your downloaded 3DS rom and then its will be written into your microSD card in a few minutes.Here use Super Mario Land as an example.



2. Usually you should see a warning like below, just click “Yes”.


3. Now just wait till the writing process is complete. If it’s done, you can see below.


4. Congratulation! One game is added into you card successfully. All you need to do is insert the microSD card with k3ds, and then put k3ds into your 3DS/2DS console to enjoy the 3ds game.

5. You can add more games in the same way and press the button on k3ds to change games.

Gateway 3DS and V9.2.0-20

gateway 3ds

What’s the response for 3DS new version 9.2.0 from Gateway 3ds? That is a emunand update Gateway 2.5. Then, what’ new on this 2.5 gateway 3ds? Firstly, let’s check the official news together.

A new 3DS system update was released which broke some emunand functionality.
But do not worry as we already have a new version ready for you guys!
This is another quick emunand firmware update before we bring out the real big guns!

Our latest firmware brings back full emunand support to 9.2.0-20:

* firmware spoofing
* multirom menu
* region free

We’ve gotten lots of inquiries about the New 3DS. There’s little we can officially disclose at this moment but we can safely assure you we have some tricks up our sleeves.

Also did you know: with Gateway 3DS, you can fit over 10 times 10 games on a single 128GB microSD and conveniently select them from a fancy multirom menu!


And as always ENJOY !!

Based on the above information, we know that Gateway 2.5 will bring back emunand 9.x and this official team is developing new functions on its card Gateway, for example work on New 3DS. So guys, you are free to boot emunand v9.2.0 with your 3ds gateway now. As to others whose 3ds console is on the version from v4.1 to v4.5, recommend you buy gateway 3ds for enjoying newest 3ds games like super smash bros on the emunand v9.2.0-20. This is the most powerful 3ds flashcart for now, support many amazing functions and easy to use. You can buy one from this reliable online site: Buy gateway 3ds in REV3DS.COM.

Notice: If you guys need a flashcart work on the latest 3ds version to run 3ds games, suggest both the two cards: K3ds and Sky3ds.

Which 3ds flashcart to buy: sky3ds, k3ds or r5sdhc?

For a long time, not one flashcart can work on 3ds with the latest firmware to run 3ds roms. But things are different today in 2014. There are at least 3 new flash carts are produced for playing 3ds games on V9.2.0 and all lower versions. Big news and surprise. Then, here comes another question. Which way to choose and where to buy? Read my post here, all your problems can be answered.

SKY3DS: The first 3ds flashcart announcing itself support 3ds v9.2.0 and all other versions. Features:

  • Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.1.0-20J).
  • Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
  • Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions).
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB SDHC cards.
  • Play up to ten 3DS games maximum for each flashcard (any game but 10 in total only).
  • Region locking.

K3DS: Update its official site by adding some new features and news on releasing recenlty.


  • All in one card
  • Newest V9.0.0-20 Supports
  • All 3Ds firmware supports
  • newest released 3DS games supports
  • Press Button to change games
  • Saving works

R5sdhcMaybe the clone version of sky3ds, but this saying remains uncertain.


  • Support all 3D Games .
  • Support all Version/Region of 3DS console, including the New 3DS.
  • Support all system version up to latest v9.2.0-20 (update 2014-10-30)
  • Just plug and play, no more 2 card swapping operation.
  • No waiting for any firmware update against to system update.
  • Support multi-rom function.
  • 10 games slot limited for a R5SDHC.
  • Compatible with Micro SD up to 64G.
  • eShop and playing game online supported.

Currently, the three flashcart are still unavailable in the market. Whichever you choose,you have to wait for a while. Sky3ds is the card I vote for, cause k3ds has always said their card will be out soon and r5sdhc is totally coping everything from sky3ds.

R5 SDHC Features and Where to Buy?


When hear of R5 SDHC in the first time, an idea comes into my mind R5? Not R4? Isn’t  the upgraded version of R4 3DS? But after read all the info on the official site, this idea is going away quickly. The card R5sdhc has nothing to do with the common r4 3ds card, while in fact is a copied version of Sky3ds. You can compare the features by yourself carefully with the below picture.

Feature list on sky3ds and r5 sdhc


As to whether to buy r5sdhc or not and where to buy, here is my suggestion. FirstLY, I can assure you that sky3ds will be out soon. But for r5 sdhc, who knows? Secondly, if both the two cards are released in one day, i think the genuine one can be good for us. Thirdly, if the two cards with same features but offer totally different price, which means r5sdhc maybe more cheaper, recommend the guys who have limited budget buy it. Finally, for the customers who wants to buy r5 sdhc very much, suggest you an US based online site It’s a professional store to buy r4 and 3ds flashcart, offer free shipping and 100% genuine cards. What’more, if you don’t know which card to buy, they’ll have patient and good advice to you.

K3DS latest news to announce the 3DS V9.0.0-20 supported card will be out soon

k3dsHave you being waiting for K3DS for a long time? Or do you still remember the revolutionary card announce itself can support 3ds games in one card? Whatever, yesterday we got the first-hand news that K3DS would be released soon to support 3ds games on v9.0.0-20 3ds/3ds xl. You can check the detailed info in the official site or read the following words.

Dear All,

It is a little delayed to say hello to you.

Our revolutionary new Product, the K3DS, developed by an European Team, will be released very soon.
We thank our incredible Tech Team again for their hard-working over the past half year.

With our K3DS you only need one card to boot your 3DS, and can work on all firmware 3DS consoles,including the newest V9.0.0-20 3DS firmware.

More detail information will release later.

Have Fun!

K3DS Features:

– All in one card
– Newest V9.0.0-20 Supports
– All 3Ds firmware supports
– newest released 3DS games supports
– Press Button to change games
– Saving works

Like the new 3ds card SKY3DS, K3ds has the ability to play 3ds games on all firmwares 3ds console and run the latest 3ds roms. Besides the two points, they are all in one card to boot 3ds mode, changing games through buttons on the cards, and supporting save function. May be they just the same card? Anyway, both the two cards are very attractive for us. The first thing we care now is when sky3ds and k3ds are available to public, where to buy them?Recommend you a hot and popular online sites: REV3DS.COM. Not much to say, go and check the site by yourself.