Gateway ultra 3.3 has been updated recently while sky3ds  with diskwriter 2.02b1 is still the same card, between the two ones, which can support pirated 3ds game on 3ds 9.9, here is the answer.

Gateway 3ds with ultra 3.3

Gateway 3ds, it is a 3ds game hacking flashcard which works on 3ds system in the first place. Now with the latest ultra 3.3 firmware, besides supports free downloaded 3ds games, the card have  all the follow functions.

  • Emunand: let you have the latest 9.9 emunand on 3ds/3ds xl console to play new version 3ds gamse, access eshop, download game patch and DLC with your unchanged original sysnand.
  • Downgrade 3ds system: let you downgrade 3ds sysnand to v4.1~v4.5 if your 3ds/3ds xl console is within v4.6 to v9.2.
  • Nand backup: let you hack up 3ds sysnand in case of bricking your 3ds.
  • Dump retail game card: let you dump 3ds game card to 3ds rom.
  • Online game play: support 3ds game in 3dz format.

Sky3ds blue button version

Sky3ds, the biggest advantage of this card is its compatibility to nearly all 3ds firmwares and different types of 3ds family handheld. That is to say, Sky3ds can support run multi-3ds roms on NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/3DS/3DS XL/2DS from version 1.0 to 9.9 and work on the regions from US,EU,JP and so on. Its other details like Sky3ds rom, Sky3ds tool, Sky3ds sd card, Sky3ds game change, i will show you below.

  • Sky3ds region free: It is officailly region locked, but with regionthree, regionfour and ntr cfw these 3 hackers, sky3ds can support region free games on new 3ds and old 3ds with limited firmware range. The most important is that Sky3ds can work with regionfour to play other region games on 9.7 3ds/
  • Sky3ds tool: The official site only provides diskwriter, template file and template editor tools. But you can find many special tools for sky3ds card online. Some can make it support emunand, some can let it transfer game save, all in all, if you can serach, you can find many helpful tools developed by programmer.
  • Sky3ds sd card: Recommend Sandisk sd card with high class version to you. Sky3ds is very limited to sd card. Only genuine and high quality micro sd card can work with sky3ds.
  • Sky3ds game change: The other feature of sky3ds, it change 3ds roms one by one by pressing the blue button. So regarding to the quality of blue button, you would better put less than 10 3ds games into sky3ds.

Gateway with ultra 3.3 or Sky3ds blue card, which supports free 3ds game on 3ds 9.9.0?

It can be easily see that Gateway 3ds card, even with the latest firmware ultra 3.3 can't work out of 3ds system range v4.1 to v9.2. That's to say, let alone 3ds new firmware 9.9, you can't use this Gatway 3ds card on 3ds 9.3. So, the only 3ds game hacking flash card for 9.9.0 firmware is Sky3ds, the one with no firmware and console limitation, you can buy it for your 3DS,3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL or 2DS 9.9.0-26 handheld. Which site to buy SKY3DS? Here the REV3DS.COM is for you, not only send you sky3ds card 100% working,but also give you seriial number to download 3ds/ds game freely in a safe site