As for the 3DS latest system V9.5.0-23, R4I Gold card still works on it to support Free DS Games, Homebrew applications, Emulators for classic games like GBA/SNES/NES, Multimedia files like video, mp3, pictures and txts… All in all, if you guys want to Hack your 3DS/NEW 3DS console with a save and simple way, flashcard r4i gold 3ds is a good choice. Here just share you all the card R4I GOLD 3DS and where to buy it from Local US store.


r4i gold 3ds

Here is a chart to show the info and details of R4I GOLD 3DS RTS card.

Price 17.8$
Game compatibility 100% DS Game,support GBA/SNES/NES game as well
Console compatibility Compatible with 3DS V9.5.0-23 and DSI V1.45
Main Functions Support 5500+NDS Games,Apps and Hombrews,region locked games, real time save, user-cheat, video, mp3 player and more..
Special Feature With original wood kernel and simple UI
Latest Kernel V1.64 wood Kernel

R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS V9.5.0-23

R4i gold 3ds with rts(real-time save) function is the best DS Game supported card for 3DS/NEW 3DS in It is also the first R4 3DS card which claim support DS Games on 3DS System. Though not updating its firmware(kernel) for a long time, the r4i gold 3ds with 1.64 wood firmware can support every 3DS Update, including the most recent one 3DS V9.5.0-23.

How to use R4I GOLD 3DS on 3DS/NEW 3DS V9.5.0-23?

Step1: Format your micro sd card carefully and download Wood R4 v1.64 kernel files from official site.

Step2: Unzip and open it, then you will get two wood files.

Step3: Copy _rpg and _DS_MENU.DAT directly into the root of your sd card.

Step4: Also copy some DS game roms into the sd card. Finally your sd card will have contents as following

Step5: Insert the sd card into your r4i gold 3ds card and put the r4i gold 3ds card into your 3ds console like below.

Step6: Power on your 3ds/new 3ds console, then click the icon below to enter into the wood menu. Touch sd card icon to the game menu. Finally, choose a game to start.

Where to buy R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS/NEW 3DS V9.5.0-23 in US local shop?

Recommend you REV3DS.COM, which is based in USA and the stock is located in CA-USA. The site will send you r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc rts 3ds, r4i gold pro and 3ds game flashcard sky3ds from United States. And supports Free Shipping to Outside USA, such as UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and so on. 100% genuine card from official suppplier and offer full refund if the card has quality problem.