Month: February 2015

How to use r4i gold 3ds to play movies/videos on your 3DS, New 3DS,2DS, DSi?

As an 3ds hackingr4 3ds card, R4i gold 3ds is able to store and load free movies, mp3 collections, e-books and photos on all 3DS, New 3DS,2DS, DSi, DS Lite consoles. If you are not sure what to do after receiving this r4i gold card, here is a detailed guide for you. If you’re looking to buy one r4i gold 3ds card for play ds backups and enjoy advanced multi-media, here is the direct link which based in US and specialize in selling r4/3ds flashcards.

Totorial: How to play movies/videos via r4i gold 3ds on 3DS?

r4i gold

Things you need prepare:

  • Nintendo console( 3ds/new 3ds/2ds/dsi/ds lite).
  • One Micro SD card and one card reader
  • R4i gold 3ds card like here
  • PC with internet connection

Step 1.Connect the microSD(not the one comes with 3DS) card with your computer through the microsd card adaptor. Format your microsd card.

Step 2. Download the latest wood firmware v1.64. Unzip it, open the folder copy all the files ” _rpg” and “_DS MENU.DAT” you get into the root of your micro sd card.

Step 3. Download Multimedia function moonshell2.0 as well. Decompress it and also drag all the files ino the root folder of your sd card.

Step 4. Then your micro sd card will have the contents below.


Step 5. Copy your download “dpg format files”, “txt files” and “mp3 music ” as well into the sd card. And please be sure the video format should be DPG.

Step 6. Insert the micro sd card into the r4i gold 3ds and put them together into the 3ds console.

Step 7. Power on  3ds console. Click the “SpongeBob” icon and then click the “sd card” icon.

Step 8. Then after step 7, you will see the “_DS_MSHL.NDS” , click to run it and select files like *.mp3,*.dpg,*.jpg,*.bmp,*.txt, *.ini,to enjoy all of them.

icon   txt

3DS V9.5.0-22 released, where to buy r4i gold 3ds for ds games in US?

Does R4I GOLD 3DS support on 3DS V9.5.0-22, What is R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS V9.5.0-22 and Where to buy R4I GOLD 3DS to play Free Downloaded DS Games in US? All you want to know about R4I GOLD 3DS and 3DS latest firmware V9.5.0-22 can be found here.


Is R4I GOLD 3DS compatible with(support)  3DS V9.5.0-22?

yes, after tested r4i gold 3ds and other r4 3ds card on 3DS V9.5.0-22, we have confirmed that all r4 3ds card including r4i gold 3ds wood works directly on 3DS V9.5.0-22U/J/E with wood firmware V1.64. So for r4i gold 3ds card users, it is ok for you to update your 3ds(3ds xl) console. And for customers who want to use r4i gold 3ds card to play ds games, run homebrew apps and enjoy multimedia files, you are free to buy for 3DS V9.5.0-22 as well.

R4I GOLD 3DS For 3DS(XL) V9.5.0-21

R4i gold 3ds wood, as the most famous r4 3ds card in the market, it is hacking 3ds system to support many functions and features. Here list the common functions which r4i gold 3ds supports on 3DS V9.5.0-22 and lower versions. If you are interested in the card or not sure how to use these features, contact us via here.

  • Multi-Rom: Download and put lots of DS Roms into micro sd/sdhc card is allowed, so users can play different DS Games with one r4i gold 3ds card.
  • Region-Free: R4i gold 3ds supports users play cross-region DS Games on 3DS/3DS XL console. For example, you can play EU/JP version DS Games on 3DS V9.5.0-22U/J/E.
  • Homebrews: supports users enjoy the third-party useful softwares and games.
  • Apps: Support popular apps for Facebook, Twitter, Web Browsing, and more.
  • Emulators: Supports Emulators to play NES games, SNES, TG16 games, NeoGeo games, Gameboy and Gameboy color games. Supports classic computer games for systems like the ZX Spectrum, the C64, BBC Mirco and others.
  • Real time save: R4i gold 3ds supports users save and restore game data during game, so you can back to the state when you save in game last time.
  • Real time guide:R4i gold 3ds supports users read hints/guide of the games immediately without exit to the game.
  • User-cheat: R4i gold 3ds supports different cheat codes in game play, so users can pass the difficult level easily.

Where to buy R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS V9.5.0-22 in US?

If you search buy r4i gold 3ds and other r4 3ds card from local shop in US, you only can see many online sites which claims US based site but not local physical stores in USA. So the best way for USA customers buy r4i gold 3ds with free shipping and fast delivery is making an order in REV3DS.COM, which keep a long-time stock in US and supports worldwide shipping. As to the customers live in outside US, you are also free to buy r4i gold 3ds with Multiple shipping ways, including DHL, HongKong Post, USPS and others. can promise you full refund in 30 days if the product has any quality problem and losing package during delivery.