Month: January 2015

R4I GOLD 3DS supports DS Games on NEW 3DS,3DS and 3DS XL

2015 is the time of NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL(LL). Both US and European customers will soon have NEW 3DS available in the following Month. Will you buy The New console as well and Will you use R4I GOLD 3DS to crack its system to play unlimited DS Games?

NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS LL(XL) Launching news

new 3ds

  • Added information regarding the official US release date, and the UK’s limited Ambassador Edition release 1/12/15
  • dded Australian 3DS release date and video of new 3DS commercial. 9/24
  • The new 3DS released October 2014 in Japan, November in Australia. It launches February 13, 2015 in the US and Europe.

Notice: New 3DS will be officially released on February 13, 2015 in both Europe and the US. But Europe and the rest of the world will receive both New 3DS models, the US will only be receiving the XL model.

R4I GOLD 3DS works on NEW 3DS

R4i gold 3ds, can be called r4i gold 3ds wood as well, is belonging to R4 3DS card which supports run Free DS Games mainly on 2DS/3DS/3DS XL console. Cause 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL use the same system version. We can say that R4i gold 3ds can be used on all 3DS Console Families. This card comes from and equipped with original wood R4 Kernel. Like other R4 3DS card, R4i gold 3ds can support Region free, Multi-Rom, 100% DS Game compatibility, Real time save, Homebrews and Multimedia functions. If you guys want to have a flashcard to play DS/GBA/SNES game, watch movie,listen to mp3, read e-books and run Apps, R4i gold 3ds wood is a good R4 3DS card to buy. In a word, It can Play 5500+DS Game at lower price 17$.

Is R4I GOLD 3DS safe to NEW 3DS System?

Yes, r4i gold 3ds and other flashcard all 100% safe to NEW 3DS System. Because all files of R4i gold 3ds card are stored the MicroSD card. you can easily delect them or format the MicroSD card. There is no software put into the 3DS console directly, so it is impossible to damage the Nintendo NEW 3DS firmware. Even the R4i gold 3ds card is broken, it will be unrecognized by NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL, but never bring any harm.

Where to buy R4I GOLD 3DS for NEW 3DS XL in US?

In US, find out a local physical store to buy r4i gold 3ds or other r4 3ds card is difficult. But REV3DS.COM can solve your problem because of the stock in United States. You can buy 4i gold 3ds diectly from us, then we can send you card out very quickly with free shipping. Compared the customers in other countries, you guys can receive the card with a shorter time.

What’s R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS V9.4.0-21?

If you guys want to buy an R4 3DS card for playing thousands of DS Games, GBA/SNES/NES/Homebrew games, enjoy apps for facebook, twitter and mores, watch movie, listen to music, view photos and read e-books, R4I GOLD 3DS is the card I can recommend you. 


The latest version R4i GOLD 3DS is now here. Being the first flash card released to work on the 3ds console, this great little card has become one of the most popular flash cards on the market. Still to date it is in high demand from ds enthusiasts across the globe. Although it does not allow playback of 3ds files, the R4i GOLD 3DS was the first card to allow users to play their old favorite ds game files and homebrew apps on the new 3ds console.

What is R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS?

R4I GOLD 3DS works on 3DS/3DS XL to support all the following functions.

  • DS Games: Support nearly 100% DS Games and can be put into Thousands of Game Roms.
  • Multi-Rom: Support put more than one game rom at a single SD/SDHC card.
  • Homebrew – Access 3rd party developers programs or develope your own.
  • Emulators – Enjoy your favorite classic games emulated to work on your console
  • Real Time Save – Save & Load at any point during your game
  • Cheats – Game cheats built in and updatable
  • SDHC Compatible – Use high capacity micro sd cards for mass media.
  • Custom User Interface – User friendly GUI, Download skins & create your own
  • Easy to Use – Simple set up and functions
  • Low Price – Cheaper than a single game. Endless entertainment!
  • Backwards Compatible – Works on all consoles 3DS NEW 3DS NEW 3DS LL/XL and 2DS.

Should we buy R4I GOLD 3DS for 3DS V9.4.0-21?

Of course, yes. R4i gold 3ds can enhance Nintendo 3ds experience from all the angles at the same time does no damadge to 3DS/3DS XL console at all. What’ more, with cheap price to get a powerful r4 3ds card, r4i gold 3ds is indeed worthwhile for buying.

Is R4I GOLD 3DS the best R4 3DS Card?

The outstanding R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is better than R4I GOLD 3DS a little. With the unique Wifi engine function and Four rts saving files, R4I SDHC 3DS is more convenient to use and more smart to operate. But both of the two cards can be recommended to you for hacking 3DS SYSTEM to do what you want even you can’t imagine.

Which is the best 3DS flashcart in the UK ?

Which is the best 3ds flashcart in the UK for 3DS console ? To be the best the flashcat must support 3ds games and DS games together. In the R4 3DS flashcarts, it have the best compatibility and technology.  The price is another very import things. To UK users and Canada,it's hard to find a good seller in the local shop, so you you must choose from online shop.We provide R4 3DS flashcart review,usage and guide.

Which is the best flashcard to 3ds-linker for your kids ?

If you buy the flashcart for kids, I must recommend the R4 cards for you. because these card is cheap and powerful.

r4i sdhc 3ds rts 

Supports free NDS/GBA/SNES/NES game on 2DS/3DS/DSI/DSL/DS console and Run thousands of game roms with one micro sd card, that is R4i sdhc rts 3ds. Moreover, it supports multimedia functions means users can watch movie,listen to music and read e-books while using the card. And added feature real time save, real time guide help gamers pass difficult game level more easily. In a word, flashcard r4i sdhc rts 3ds is produced for enhancing our using experience on nintendo 3ds/2ds/dsi/dsl/ds console.

R4i sdhc 3ds rts flashcard Features

  • 100% NDS game compatibility
  • Play more than 5500 nds games with costs only 18$
  • Support old nintendo game such as: GBA,SNES and NES
  • Support multimedia files, movies,music, pictures and e-books
  • Full features real time save,real time guide and users-cheat
  • Support Homebrew softwares and games
  • Easy to use, simply drag and drop game roms to sd card
  • Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically.
  • Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
  • Support Wi-Fi, rumble pack and browser expansion.
  • Multi-languages are optional.
  • Friendly interface, easy to operate.
  • WIFI search engine function
  • Support soft-reset of moonshell 2.0.
  • Realtime smart help windows.
  • UI background can be changed.
  • 4-level brightness adjustment.
  • Support Download play.
  • Support SDHC.
  • Double screen UI.

R4i sdhc 3ds rts flashcard Compatibility

  1. Compatible with all the 3DS(XL)/2DS firmware number (include 9.0.0-20,9.2.0-20) and DSi (include 1.4.5) directly.
  2. Work well on 2DS,3DS,3DS XL,DSI,DS Lite and DS console. 

Can flashcard R4i-sdhc 3ds rts be bought for playing 3ds games on 2ds/3ds/3ds xl?

Sorry, but r4i sdhc 3ds card can't support 3ds games on 3ds/3ds xl for now. If you really want to play downloaded 3ds roms on 3ds console, recommend Gateway 3DS or r5sdhc for your need. Gateway 3ds, this card should be bought for running on 3ds v4.1 to v4.5 and 3ds v9.0 to v9.2. R5sdhc, it can be used on all 3ds fimwares to play 3ds game. More info on the two cards can be known from official sites gateway-3ds com and

Where to buy r4i sdhc rts 3ds card legally in UK?

Cause buy r4 flashcard such as r4i sdhc 3ds rts, r4i gold 3ds and others are not allowed in most countries, you have to search on the internet to buy flashcard. Here recommend you one reliable online, that's the If you are American customers, you can receive your card in 5 to 12 days, if you are outside US, you may wait for 10 to 15 days. In addition, shipping methods are optional, you can choose free shipping as well in rev3ds. Hope all u guys have pleasant buying in the site. 


Which is the best flashcard to buy for your adults ?

for adults, the best flashcart should be the Gateway 3DS. In my option Gateway 3DS is the most powerful 3ds game flashcart. before you buy this card, you must make sure you 3DS (not support new 3DS) (XL,LL) system number is lower than 9.2.

he first 3ds card which can be used on 3ds/3ds xl to play 3ds games in the market. Support 3ds v4.1 to v9.2  directly. 100% 3ds game compatibility, including the latest Pokemon x&y, Super Smash Bos, Animal crossing and so on, Homebrew game and software supported… More features as following.

Flashcard Gateway 3ds Functions

  • Support all 3ds game to date
  • Multi-rom support: means you can put more than one game roms into your SD card and play it.
  • Multi-rom Menu support: means you can select one game to play in menu
  • EmuNand support: means you can play V9.0 3ds games on your 3ds V4.5 system even through your console version is 4.5
  • Region free: means there have no restriction for you to play games which region are different from your console, so if the card has this features, you can use the card play Japanese games on your American 3DS console.
  • Support 3DS/GBA/DS games with two cards called gateway blue card and gateway red card.
  • exFat & Fat32 support
  • Multi language support
  • 3DS Game cart backup
  • eShop and online play support
  • Cartridge is made of high-quality plastic

In my option, the best 3DS flashcart is the Gateway 3DS. because gateway 3ds support all region games, and 3DS&DS games. If you got this card, you don't need to worry about,because their are many gateway 3ds users.

Which r4 3ds card to buy for 3ds v9.4.0-21in 2015?

If you want to play unlimited DS Games for free on 3DS/3DS XL console with the latest firmware v9.4.0-21, this device is your best choice: R4 3DS Card. And in order to help you choose among so many r4 3ds flashcarts in the market, the following post is written.

The Best R4 3DS card in 2015: R4I SDHC 3DS

R4i sdhc 3ds rts is regarded as the best r4 3ds flashcard in the market. The card with all basic functions such as support 5500+DS Games, Homebrew softwares, Multimedia files and some additional features for example Wifi download engine. In a word, r4i sdhc 3ds rts is our best flashcard to play free downloaded DS Games on 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/2DS handheld.

R4I SDHC 3DS RTS Details

Price 18$
Game Compatibility 100% DS game compatibility, support GBA/SNES/NES game as well
Console compatibility Work directly on 2DS/3DS/3DS XL with v9.4.0-21 and DSI/DS LITE/DS with v1.45
Main Functions Support Thousands of  DS Games at one single sd card ,Apps,Hombrews, Multimedia functions.
Special Feature Wifi engine: users can download free ds game and update kernel via Wifi

RTS: Support 4 rts save files, let users has more choices for saving and restoring in game.

Latest Kernel V1.81b(updated recently)

Advantages of R4I SDHC 3DS RTS compared with other cards

  • Performance: Support DS Games without some problems.
  • Functions:Support Wifi engine, 4 RTS saving files and more emulators.
  • Using: Support longest using time because of better power saving design.
  • Follower: R4i sdhc 3ds rts has the most users all over the world.

Features of R4I SDHC 3DS RTS

  • Work directly on 3DS v9.4.0-21 and DSi v1.4.5
  • 100% NDS game compatibility
  • Support GBA/SNES/NES games as well
  • Support multimedia files, movies,music, pictures and e-books
  • WIFI search engine function
  • Soft reset.
  • Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
  • Multi-languages are optional.
  • Friendly interface, easy to operate.
  • Realtime smart help windows.
  • Support SDHC.
  • Support Moonshell and homebrew.
  • Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically.
  • Double screen UI.
  • Easy to use, setting or adjustment is not required.
  • Support Wi-Fi, rumble pack and browser expansion.
  • UI background can be changed.
  • 4-level brightness adjustment.
  • Support AR cheat code.
  • Support soft-reset of moonshell 2.0.
  • DLDI auto-patching.
  • Support Download play.

Where to buy R4I SDHC 3DS RTS for 3ds v9.4.0-21 in USA?

In order to make sure that you get the genuine r4i sdhc 3ds card in US, here recommends you REV3DS.COM. We can promise you that only quality and authentic flashcards can be sold in the site and offer you multiple shipping options. For US customers, you can receive your card in 3 to 7 days; for buyers in other regions, your card will be sent to the destinations as well. always support international delivery and first-class service.

What’s the best r4 3ds card in 2015?

2015 is coming, which r4 3ds card is worthy to buy for play free ds games on 3DS or 3DS XL console? If you wan to choose the right card for your 3DS with firmware v9.4.0-21, read my post here.


R4 3DS card work on 3DS V9.4.0-21

  • R4I GOLD 3DS

Why buy R4 3DS card for 3DS v9.4.0-21?

Choose to buy r4 3ds for hacking 3ds to play free ds games because of the following reasons.

  • Save Money: All r4 3ds card with lower price, for example r4i gold 3ds 17.8$,  r4i sdhc 3ds rts 18$ and so on.
  • Save Space: Each r4 3ds card can supports 5500+NDS Games. Users have no need to take with lots of game cards.
  • Perfect Compatibility: 100% compatible with 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DSLL/2DS console
  • No harm to 3DS: Proved by testing every r4 3ds card is no damage to 3DS Family consoles.e

Can R4 3DS card support 3DS Games on 3DS/3DS XL V9.4.0-21?

I’m afraid not. R4 3ds card is made to run DS Game Roms on 3DS/3DS XL not the 3ds games. If you want to play 3ds roms, SKY3DS is a good choice. For more info on the card, check the official site here

Which R4 3DS card to buy for 3ds v9.4.0-21 in 2015?


R4i gold 3ds, this card with wood kernel and is released by From year to year, R4i gold 3ds wood is the most famous r4 3ds card in the global market. Support Thousands of DS Games, 100% NDS Game Compatibility, play games from all the regions, support Homebrews and Apps, play video and mp3, R4I GOLD 3DS with all the basic functions of r4 3ds flashcard. In addition, the original wood kernel does well in operating speed and regular update. Users has no need to feel worried about every time’s 3DS updates. 

Where to buy r4i gold 3ds and other r4 3ds card in 2015?

REV3DS.COM is a good place to buy flashcard like r4 3ds, sky3ds, qq3ds and gateway 3ds. Whatever you want to play ds or 3ds games, you can find right flashcard for your purposes. More importantly, as an US Based site, buy r4i gold 3ds from this site, customers can receive the card with the shortest time.

Buy QQ3DS for play 3DS and DS Games on 3DS V9.4.0-21 in US


QQ3DS, an surprising gift of new year 2015 which let us play unlimited DS and 3DS games for free on 3DS latest firmware v9.4.0-21. It is coming from and has a logo which means Quick Quality card for 3DS and DS Games. Though the card is still unavailable for us, the news for playing both ds and 3ds games together is really exciting. If you are newbie to the card, check the following, you can find its amazing.

QQ3DS Flashcard

QQ3DS , the world’s first 3ds flashcard to support both 3DS and DS games on  3DS v9.4.0-21 firmware and compatible with ANY version of 3DS /3DSXL/ 2DS / New 3DS/LL console. Compared with other flashcards in the market, it runs DS and 3DS games with one price, two enjoys and no game limit.

QQ3DS Features

  • First Dual-mode 3DS card to support all versions of 3DS/3DS XL,2DS,New 3DS(xl/ll) (JP,US,EU)
  • Compatible with newest V9.4.0-21 (include lower versions)
  • Support Multi-Rom
  • No Game Limit
  • Support eShop & Online game playing
  • Compatible with all of micro SD/SDHC/SDXC(2GB~64GB)
  • Plug & play , easy to setup


1.Support free Multi 3DS Roms and update quickly to be compatible with the Latest 3DS Game.
2.Play 3DS game smoothly like a real game card(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions)
3.Plug & Play, easy to use.
4.Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.4.0-21).
5.Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
6.Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 7. 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB 128 SDHC cards.
Region locking.
  • First Dual-mode 3DS card to support all versions of 3DS/3DS XL,2DS,New 3DS(xl/ll) (JP,US,EU)
  • Compatible with newest V9.4.0-21 (include lower versions)
  • Support Multi-Rom
  • No Game Limit
  • Support eShop & Online game playing
  • Compatible with all of micro SD/SDHC/SDXC(2GB~64GB)
  • Plug & play , easy to setup

 Differences: The main difference lies in QQ3DS has another R4 card for supporting DS Games while Sky3ds doesn’t include. In fact, the 3DS Game supported card in QQ3DS package is the clone version of SKY3DS. Because they uses the same Diskwriter v1.05 and Template files. 

QQ3DS vs Sk3ds, which to buy for 3DS V9.4.0-21?

Recommend QQ3DS if the card within the price range 100$ to 130$. We both know that SKY3DS plus shipping fees costs 120$ and R4 3DS card with free shipping costs 15$ to 18$, so if QQ3DS is cheaper than 120 plus 18, this card is a good choice for us enjoying 3DS and DS Games on NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS LL/3DS/2DS conoles.