Nintendo New 3DS will be released at 11th October,2015 . The price is amazing $180.6. It’s cheaper ?

The new Nintendo 3DS has more poerful CPU and many hardware changes. such as

C-Stick — The C-Stick is a second analogue controller that serves (in practice) as an additional Circle Pad. Confirmed titles used to highlight the C-Stick are Monster Hunter 4 G (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate),Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy Explorers and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

ZL and ZR Buttons — Additional shoulder buttons are located alongside the existing L and R buttons, bringing the input options into line with those offered by the Circle Pad Pro.

NFC — An NFC reader has been placed underneath the bottom (touch) screen, which will be used for recognising amiibo figures.

Super-Stable 3D — This will use the internal camera to track movement in order to maintain the glasses-free 3D sweet spot even as the system’s top screen angle changes, providing a wider viewing angle and more stable image. This stabilising effect will be disabled in relatively rare cases of the inner camera being active and in-use in a game or app.

Faster CPU — The CPU has been enhanced for this new model (we’re aware of the speculation regarding the scale of the improvement, but that’s merely rumour). It will speed up the overall operating system including eShop downloads, Miiverse browsing etc.

Improved Web Browser — Linked to that improved CPU, the browser will now also be quicker and support HTML5 video. The browser will also, by default, have a filter to block mature content — there’ll be a one-off fee of 30 Yen (less than 30 cents) to disable this filter. That payment must be made with a credit card, so though the price is tiny it naturally requires an adult with a credit card to remove the setting.

Wireless connection with PC — Confirmed to work with Windows 8.1 and 7, it’ll be possible to wirelessly move media files from the New 3DS models to a PC and vice-versa.

Micro-SD storage — Unlike the SD card support in current models, the New systems will use a Micro-SD card for storage, and it’ll be located in the same area as the battery.

System transfers from old to new models will be possible, using either a wireless connection or copying all data from the old system onto a computer and then onto the new hardware. The recommended method will be to utilise Wi-Fi, and we suspect an app will be part of the process. Importantly, data cannot be transferred from a New 3DS to an older model.

Improved Camera Lighting

Though the resolution of the camera remains the same, they’ll provide improved images in poor lighting.

New Charging Dock

The New systems use the same AC adapter as their predecessors, but new changing docks will also be released, priced at 1200 Yen for the LL / XL and 1000 Yen for the smaller model, excluding tax.

Exclusive Game

A port of Wii title Xenoblade Chronicles will be released on the New Nintendo 3DS models, and will only work on these systems due to their increased CPU power. It is the only New-exclusive game announced so far.

We hope the New Nintendo 3DS LL or XL will sell good,because you can enjoy real game then phones.

Like the 2DS, I think the New 3DS will be compatible with the old DS games, so the old DS flashcarts will work on the New 3DS. But the Gateway 3DS maybe bocked by this New 3DS console.

Anyway, We will focus on this new console and flashcarts for it.